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Hey there! So, I’ve been studying for the ACSM Personal Training Certification. I’ve been learning a lot and wanted to share some things I’ve been reading about athletes and nutrition. I’ve taken this from ACSM’s Resources for the Personal Trainer (3rd Edition). **I AM NOT A REGISTERED DIETICIAN**Just wanted to pass along some info from my textbook that I think is generally helpful.

*Another note…by no means do I have a perfect diet or wish for one! I have a serious weakness for cookies and candy and have no plans to give them up. In my experience, depriving myself = disaster. No bueno.

Moving on…

“Many studies show that carbohydrates are the limiting energy substrate. That is, when carbohydrates run out, people typically reach a point of exhaustion. For the reason, people should consume 55%-65% of total calories from carbohydrates.”

“However, because the body’s storage capacity for carbohydrates is limited, carbohydrates should be provided throughout the day in small, frequent meals. A key reason for this is to sustain blood sugar, which is the primary fuel for the central nervous system (brain).”

*”If the brain recieves insufficient glucose, mental fatigue will result, and mental fatigue leads to muscle fatigue.”


-Blood sugar level peaks about 1 hour after a meal

-Blood sugar level returns to pre-meal levels about 2 hours after that first hour

-This suggests that meals should be every 3 hours to avoid mental and muscle fatigue (both of which result from low blood sugar levels).

As someone who has studied health and exercise science throughout college, I’ve always been under the misconception that everyone knows the general components of a sound nutritional program. However, over time I’ve learned that what is common knowledge to me, many people aren’t totally confident about their nutrition and fitness knowledge – there are so many misleading facts out there. By no means is this a comprehensive view of everything involved in a balanced diet, but I’m hoping this little bit of info speaks to people who may not have been exposed to these types of sciences. Knowledge is power, right? (Wasn’t that a saying from Reading Rainbow or one of those kids shows?!)



Thompson, Walter R.,PHD, FACSM. ACSM’s Resources for the Personal Trainer. 3rd ed. Philadelphia: American College of Sports Medicine, 2010. Print.

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