Hello Again, It’s Been Too Long

*Bonus to anyone who knows what song my post title is from!

I’ve been MIA – sorry to the one person that reads this! I am in the last few weeks of marathon training.  Had my best long run (maybe ever) today. It was 18 miles with some new friends and I felt really strong.  Toward the end of the run I started feeling a twinge on the outside of my left knee, though. I mentally brushed it off as normal knee pain after running 18 miles but am definitely going to go easy on it this week.

Regardless, I hope I feel this strong on Nov 6th.  The NYC marathon is really hilly with all of the bridges, so that’s the only thing I’m nervous about…I’m not the best at hills. I admit I need to add more of them into my training.

While I’m talking about training – if anyone out there wants to do a half or full marathon, triathlon, bike race, etc, wants a fabulous coach and support team, and to raise money to kick cancer in the butt, check out Team In Training (www.teamintraining.org).

It’s a program through the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society – you train for an endurance event while fundraising for blood cancer research/patients. It is by far the most motivational, inspirational, life-changing program I’ve ever participated in.

We love TNT!

You would find the chapter nearest you and pick one of the races that they offer (which are typically big events in really fun locations – I’ve run Disney World and San Diego). You have to meet a fundraising minimum and they will pay for the trip, the race, event “parties” and dinners, etc. Fundraising is the hardest part, in my opinion.

They also have coaches and group training runs (or swims or bike rides). You meet the most amazing people. My run today was with the current team and I’m already motivatated to sign up for another event. Some of the people we run with are cancer survivors – makes you think twice about complaining.

Go Team!

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