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I came across this article today about a girl who collects running shoes to send to Ethiopia, a place that produces many outstanding marathoners like some of the top finishers in the NYC Marathon this year.  (5 minute miles!? I can’t even run a single mile in 5 minutes, let alone all 26.2. Amazingly impressive!)

So I visited the website Shoes for Sheba to learn more about how to donate gently used shoes for women runners in Ethiopia. I think it is such an amazing idea; promoting healthy living and finding an activity that makes you insanely happy is something I always advocate. What better than to provide talented Ethiopian runners the basic items they need to excel in a poverty-stricken environment?

At this point it seems that all of the collection boxes are located in California. I emailed Sara, the girl who created the program to find a way to send gently used shoes to her from locations further away.

Helping others is uplifting in many ways – why waste those shoes that maybe didn’t quite fit right, that you used for cross training, or that you put some miles on but are still in fairly good condition, when someone out there would benefit immensely from them?

You can mail running shoes to the following address:

San Clemente Girls X-Country
Attn:  Sara Kebede
700 Avenida Pico
San Clemente, CA 92673

If anyone is interested in starting a collection here in the NYC area, let me know!

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