Running Nightmares

Why hello there!

Now, I’ve heard of marathon nightmares and I’ve had plenty of my own (missing the start, car breaking down, sleeping in, tripping and falling, all very common pre-race nightmares for me). But, this week I’ve been having a new kind of nightmare: Physical Therapy Nightmare.

I guess I’m having them because I’m so worried about my injury and am banking on the running specialist I’ve been seeing to cure me of all my ailments – but I’m not totally sold and am afraid there is more going on in my body than PT can fix. Unfortunately I don’t currently have insurance so I can’t go to the doctor. I would love to get an MRI just for peace of mind but that’s not happening. So that brings me to my PT nightmares:

Dream #1) I go to the office and wait for 15 minutes but my physical therapist doesn’t show up. I decide to go on a walk with another lady who works there, because their office (in New Jersey) is magically on my college campus (in Kansas) and I want to give her a tour (those who know me, know I’m absolutely OBSESSED with everything KU, where I graduated from). I come back and the PT is waiting for me. She is very angry. She says that because I was late she won’t help me. I beg her to give me some exercises to do because all I want to do is run again. I wake up before I get an answer.

My alma mater, The University of Kansas. I wish it was closer to NJ!

Dream #2) I’m at the PT office, but there is a huge group of people. All are professional runners. We are having some sort of group stretching session. There are two very intimidating runner girls who I immediately decide are super fast and are staring and judging me. Then, to confirm my fears, PT lady comes out and says that I am too slow and she is going to help the other girls, not me. What a jerk!

In reality, my physical therapist is very nice and was helpful in my consultation. I’m going back on Tuesday to follow up. I tried to jog on Thursday however and after about 200 meters I started feeling something going on in my legs – it could totally just  be in my head but I’m afraid I have a stress fracture or tear and don’t want to aggravate it.

This morning I did hot yoga again and was such a sweaty mess. Honestly, I don’t love yoga yet (I start wondering when it will be over about 20 minutes in) but it did feel lovely. Especially when it was over. I’m glad I found this place and am planning on making the most of my unlimited monthly pass. Love Living Social deals.

Ahhh hot yoga. I love you and despise you at the same time.

I’ve been missing my Saturday early morning long runs so it felt good to wake up and sweat everything out in my yoga class. Not as satisfying as a solid run but I’ll take it.

This afternoon I’m visiting a friend who works at the JackRabbit Sports near Union Square and will inevitably spend way too much money on running gear that I can’t even use right now. I will also probably will shoot dirty looks at anyone who runs by me as I walk though Central Park. (My jealousy is taking over. Don’t they know they are jogging past an injured runner? It’s torture. How rude!)

Totally kidding. Sort of.

I’m hoping to purchase some compression socks and will probably sit in them and pout tonight next to my foam roller. (Maybe I should spend the time working on having a better attitude about this whole situation…hmmm). I’ll leave you with a photo of the most delicious rainbow cake we had on our dual Thanksgiving/birthday celebration for a family friend. I’ll probably be eating all the leftovers tonight. Okay, not “probably”, I will. Can you blame me?


Enjoy the weekend everyone!

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