No More Worrying and Employment Woes

With my current injury leaving me sidelined from running, I’ve found it hard to write uplifiting running posts on this blog. I keep dwelling on the same things over and over. Is physical therapy working? Will I run next week? Will I get to run a race this Spring? Will I be able to run, consistently, ever? Will I come back a stronger runner? Will I be 80 years old and hobbling around or will I be as fit as these guys or this woman? Hey I’m okay with not winning or setting records, but my goal is to be healthy enough to still be running as my age climbs.

Obviously I don’t have the answers to those questions and worrying isn’t going to help. Right? So let’s move forward.

Here is a picture of my puppy in a winter coat. This is uplifting for me and he is cute and I love him.

He NEEDS this coat. It gets verrrrry cold in Iowa, where he lives with my parents. Who stole him from me. More on that later!

If you don’t believe me about the coat, please reference the weather forecast for this week in my hometown.

Don't let the sunniness fool you. 16 degrees? No thank you.

The high today for NYC is 61 degrees. I am much happier with that number.

Anyway, I didn’t really want to talk about my non-running/fitness life, but it’s something I’ve been focusing a lot on over the past few months.  After my last job started making me feel so unbelievably frustrated, annoyed, stressed and unimportant, I began racking my brain for hours upon hours to find a new career path that’s right for me. Despite the fact that my entire life I’ve focused on one path and have always been motivated to succeed in one specific industry, my newest employment excursion has taken me on a horribly long journey off the beaten path. Which, I know, in essence is supposed to be a good thing. However the positivity and good has worn off to leave a shell of a dream that once fueled my every move.

As I’ve continued to think of every career in existence and tried to summon up some energy to get excited about something new, the only recurring factors are the following: the fact that I don’t want to be bossed around anymore, I don’t want a schedule that leaves me working seven days a week (not if I don’t enjoy it), and I don’t want to wear professional work clothes anymore because they aren’t as comfortable as running clothes.

Tell me what's better than waking up for a run with friends!?! And wearing comfy clothes?!

I like waking up, go running, running errands whenever I need to, and working when I feel like it. But, this morning it hit me…I’m just being LAZY! Me, lazy? What’s going on here? This isn’t me.

Then again, since my job ended, I’ve been doing that for awhile now. It’s not all it’s cracked up to be. I like having structure and seeing people.  And my own fancy desk.

My last words to my boss at my last internship before starting my first full time job were: “I’ve never been more motivated in my entire life”. What happened, you ask?

I worked for a fun organization. The same organization since my junior year in college.

That's me in the background!

I was involved with ground-breaking projects…literally.

The beginning...

And saw them through to the finish.

Simply lovely.

As thankful as I am that I worked my way up, “up” got me to a place that didn’t fulfill my real dreams. To be vague, it was not exactly where I wanted to be. I’ve learned a lot, (A LOT!) of lessons.

Now the projects are done. What’s next??

Have you ever been discouraged about your career and future? What do you do to move forward and figure out exactly what you want?

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