Success is Relative!

One month and one day ago, I ran 26.2 miles through the streets of New York City.

Today, I ran for five full minutes.

And I consider that a huge victory.

Anyone who has read more than one post here knows that I’ve been injured for the past month. In fact, I was injured before running the marathon, but I won’t get into that. (I’ve already been scolded by my physical therapist, and various other loving friends and family members who mean well. Oops…lesson learned!)

So here I am, a month of non-running later, celebrating my five pain-free minutes of running.

I have a physical therapy appointment tomorrow and I thought I would give a little jog a try so I would have something to report. Thankfully my report will be positive!

I also found a fabulous little glute machine (my PT told me I have weak glutes so I’ve been focusing on strengthening).  I normally hate these kinds of machines and rely mainly on free weights, but I’ve recently become addicted to this glute machine, as well as the assisted pull-up/tricep dip machine cause-I-can’t-do-one-pull-up-on-my-own. (Is that the official name, you ask? Most likely not!)

So simple! Push back, and viola! No more weak butt!

It also helps stabilize my hips. I’ve been told by that same PT that my hips are off balance and that I don’t have a “body fit for running.”

To counteract all of these issues and prevent injury, I’ve started completing a specific warm-up before exercising. It includes the following:

Shoulder Rolls

Arm Swings

Trunk Twists

Heel-Toe Raises


75% Build Up

Mountain Climbers

Quadruped Hip Abduction

Donkey Kicks

Knee Circles

Straight, Single Leg Raises (on back) and Abduction/Adduction (on sides)

Supine Leg Swings (on back, swing leg up to meet opposite, outstretched hand. Repeat on both sides)

Walking Quad Stretch

Walking Leg Cradle

Walking Piriformis Stretch

Walking Hamstring Stretch

85% Build Up

Leg Swings (Frontal and Saggital)

Annnnnnd last but not least, I like to do abs before my workout. I include a plank circuit with side planks and knee to elbow movement, as well as a couple other fun ones.

I normally have some lunges and squats in there but they still cause me a little pain so I’m staying away for now. I will also add jumping jacks and quick build-ups if I have a lot of space/am outside.

I’ve just recently learned the importance of warming up to prevent injury. How do you warm up?

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