Holiday Greetings from Iowa

Hello from Iowa, where it’s just too cold.

We snuggle to stay warm.

Too cold for little puppies.

But perfect for Christmas.


My parents’ tree puts mine to shame.

I’ve been enjoying my routine this week. I wake up, stretch, do a run/walk rehab type of thing, and then do some interval training, yoga, and lifting.

Yesterday’s sweat-fest included lots of variations of push-ups, tricep dips, mountain climbers, squats, jumping jacks, and planks. I’m still very weary about squats, lunges, and anything that involves jumping. My knees still feel weak and my hips get sore easily. Which makes me very nervous…but I will keep doing what feels fine and what works for me.

Today I walked downstairs to the basement for an exercise extravaganza but my space had been taken over by delicious holiday treats.

Divinty. It's calling out to me.

Because I don’t have the strongest willpower when it comes to treats made entirely of powdered sugar, frosting mix, vanilla and corn syrup, I went upstairs post-run to finish my yoga and shoulder sculpting. Sugar doesn’t sit well with me pre-exercise. But don’t think I won’t return to those treats later. (I certainly will.)

While I’m a big advocate of outdoor running, I’ve been doing my runs on a treadmill because I hear it helps when returning to running after injury…less pounding and more give.  Although, I felt okay after my run in Central Park last week so I think I will brave the cold tomorrow to test out the legs again.

One thing I love about being home is the abundance of farm-fresh foods. You don’t have to go far to find free-range, grass-fed (and inexpensive!) meat.

Oh hey, farmers! Thanks for feeding us!

If you are interested in this type of eating as well, check out the book “Real Food” by Nina Planck.  I’ve reviewed the book here.

I have also just started “The Omnivore’s Dilemma” by Michael Pollan. Eye-opening stuff.

Anyway, back to running.

Weeeee! I'm running!

Who regularly visits a chiropractor? I’ve been given lots of conflicting information about physical therapists vs. chiropractors. I’m considering seeing one for my hip/SI joint pain. Thoughts?

No excuses to not get moving this week, friends! (Check out Abby’s on-the-go workout – she’s a rock star!) Also, a comment/idea she mentioned on her blog, wishfully thinking about gyms in airports, inspired me to do some Google-ing and I found this cool article from the New York Times in 2006. (One more excuse to go to Las Vegas, right?) I wish there were more options similar to those in the article. And that they advertised these services.

Make time in your busy schedule. You’ll be happy you did.


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