Dear Injury

Dear Injury,

I’ll never forget the day we met. You snuck up on me during my favorite, strongest, speediest 18 mile run. You were just a little thing back then; generous enough to not bother me all that much.

You came back a week later and totally destroyed my 20 mile run. I still resent you for that.

-You caused me to take the term “taper madness” to a whole new level.

-You made me question every. single. thing. about my body.

-You made me believe I had Lyme disease, thyroid problems, arthritis, tendonitis, fractures, pulls, and everything else in the book (hypochondriac, much?).

-You forced me to completely rest from running for months when I was REALLY, really opposed to that.

-Because of you, I now exhibit extreme envy of everyone who runs past me.

Or maybe I've always been a little brat like that. Hard to tell.

-You took away an extremely important part of my life; one that’s been there since I was 12 years old.

Can you find me?

Whether you are trying to destroy me or not, you’ve done some nice things for me, too:

-You helped me become creative with exercise.

-You made me a cross-training expert.

Are you jealous of my friend, Arc Trainer?

-You made me a Google expert.

-You taught me about over-training, and the RIGHT way to get faster.

-You taught me to be honest with myself…I can’t logically train for a marathon in 8 weeks, no matter how bad I want to run it

-You brought me to the healthy living/blogging community and introduced me to this inspirational group of people with similar interests – and showed me something new that I LOVE doing (blogging),  further enhancing a long-time passion of mine.

-You taught me that I’m not invincible, and yes, I do have to be smart when it comes to training…that I can’t just run faster and add in those extra, fancy workouts without doing it RIGHT.

-You taught me more about a possible career choice, right in the middle of my quarter-life crisis.

You know what, dear injury? You will not get the best of me.  I know I took you along for the  last leg of the NYC ride, even though I should have rested and let you leave.  But I still crushed my marathon PR by 40 (count ’em!) minutes despite you saying hello on the Verazzano Bridge on November 6th, 2011.

You can't stop me, injury.

Don’t think that because you taught me all those things you and I will be BFF. We’ve only known each other for a few months. I didn’t enjoy your presence. Sorry to burst your bubble.

I’m working hard to take what I’ve learned and get you out of my life. I promise to think of you fondly once you’re gone.

You’re outta here. Be warned.



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