Unexpected 3.1

Apparently, my life is the definition of “inconsistent” and “contradictory”.

After that whole “I can’t run races, stupid knees, stupid hamstring, whine whine whine” post yesterday, I went to the gym and did this:

Alright, alright. I guess going slower IS better (rehab-wise). I give in.

After all that lamenting on my recent race-less life, I headed to the gym and ran my own 3.1. It wasn’t even premeditated; I arrived with plans of arc training and ellipticaling dancing in my head. After I finished my warm up, I thought…”what the heck*…I’ll see what I can do on the ol’ treadmill.” As usual, I figured I’d optimistically aim for about 2-3 miles but stop if I felt any pain. So far post-marathon my max is about 2.

*Yes, I still say “what the heck”. I’ve been told this is a totally Midwestern thing and that I’m weird for saying it out here on the East Coast. Sorry I’m not sorry.

Here’s a rough breakdown of how the run panned out:

0 – 5 min: walk at 3.2

5 – 10 min: jog at 5.5

10 – 20 min: jog at 5.8

20 – 25 min: run at 6.0

25 – 30 min: run at 6.1

30 – 31 min: run at 6.5

31 – 32 min: run at 7.0 – 7.5

32 – 33 min: run at 8.0  *LOVE a good pickup to end a run

33 – 35: walk at 3.2

I feel GREAT about this. I also feel a little quad soreness (not pain!) today. What a lovely feeling. I’m guessing that the treadmill made it a little easier on me; not sure how this would have panned out on concrete. But, it’s a start. I didn’t have to stop because of pain. I think starting with a slow pace and working my way up gradually was key here. WIN.

With that being said, I need to formulate a plan. Are you seeing a pattern here? I test out running one day and then wait a week or two before trying again. Sometimes I have pain the next time, sometimes I don’t. Again with the inconsistency. But don’t worry, I’m not going to go out and try for a 5K PR anytime soon. I stand by what I said yesterday – I need to be smart and listen to my body. Maybe just a slow, steady pace run for the next time?

The remainder of the evening consisted of reviewing notes on ATP and energy pathways and dinner at Cosi with B. The best thing besides the company?


S’mores for two! Right to your table! Amazing. Such a perfect little date night.

Tell me: What do you think? When should I try running again? Tomorrow? Next week? Any tips for moving forward? Do you like s’mores too? Have a great Tuesday!

The Races That Weren’t

Happy Monday!

Remember when I made a list of the races I was hoping to run this Winter/Spring? Another race on my list passed this weekend, which reminded me that I need to review and update my 2012 race goals. Unfortunately my knees/hamstrings are still not where they should be – rehab is taking much longer than I thought. So let’s dive right in, shall we?

NYRR Gridiron Classic (4M) Sunday February 5th, 2012

This one was a stretch as it was, but I would have loved to throw on a jersey and get in a solid 4 miler pre-Superbowl.

Coogan’s Salsa, Blues, and Shamrocks 5K Sunday, March 4th, 2012

Salsa! Blues! Shamrocks! What more could you want? I was all for donning lots of greenand sparkly items with my friends andjoining in on the fun with 5,000 others runners in Manhattan.Instead I spent my Sunday at Home Depot and Michaels to get in touch with my crafty side.

Morristown St. Patrick’s Day 5K Saturday, March 10th, 2012

This St. Patrick’s Day 5K is this weekend. It’s simple, fun, and just a few weeks ago I was predicting it to be my first race back, again, in lots of sparkles and green. No go.

More Magazine/Fitness Magazine Half-Marathon Sunday, April 15th, 2012

These were my comments in December: “So, so pumped for this one. I am hoping this will be my epic distance-racing comeback. It may be a stretch but still hoping for a PR here!”

Poor, overly enthusiastic me. First of all, I wasn’t going to sign up until I was sure I could fully prepare and run this one. I’m still not prepared, and it’s sold out. I will certainly be there cheering, though!

Long Branch New Jersey Marathon/Half-Marathon May 6th, 2012

I think you know how this is going…However, I will channel my 5th grade cheerleading skills and will be there with bells on to support my runner friends!

So, that was a fairly depressing exercise, but I needed to review those race goals. What did we learn here? Obviously Post-Christmas Kara was very optimistic about things like recovery time and PRs. I’m not giving up though; my return to racing is just taking a little more time. It’s refreshing to review and reevaluate expectations and decide on new goals.

I can’t wait to spend my time outside running and doing the one activity that makes me oh-so-happy and totally fulfilled…even more so now that the weather is getting nicer! 65 degrees on Thursday?! YES PLEASE.

I just love nature. Obviously.

I wish I could pick a date and work like crazy to be ready by then, but obviously my body has certain things in mind and I have to respect that. My goal for now?


And still work like crazy.

How’s that for specific?

How was your weekend? Anyone running any St. Patrick’s Day races? Let me know!

Sickness and First Place Fakeout

Hello, my lovely readers!

I had big plans in mind for this week.

Plans that included FlyBarre, running, and some serious lifting time.

Unfortunately my body had a totally different idea.

I ran for 10 glorious minutes on Monday evening and was feeling good about that. I went to sleep with every intention of going to an 8:30am FlyBarre class on Tuesday.

I was tossing and turning that night, and woke up feeling absolutely horrible. Achy, tired, nauseous and unable to keep any fluids or foods down. Yuck. B came home from work for a bit to drop off some medicine and Gatorade. And a little cheer, of course! Seeing his smiling face always makes me happy.

Day 2 was the same way – but I did finish a whole bottle of Gatorade. Success! I tried to eat my favorite snack, an apple with peanut butter, but I ended up throwing it away. THAT NEVER HAPPENS! I was excited to write a fun post with a leap-day inspired workout, but I couldn’t sit upright or formulate a thought. Fail. I did get serenaded by B though. Win!

Today is day 3 of this death flu. I feel a little better but not quite strong enough to move much further than the couch. I’m still in the oh-so-dramatic “I’M NEVER GOING TO FEEL WELL AGAIN” stage. It makes me miss my parents even more. Isn’t is the best feeling to have your Mom/Dad take care of you when you’re sick?! Anytime you yell the classic “Moooooommm?” she’s always there. (Hi Mom and Dad!)

Anyway, I don’t want this post to be all “I’m sick and tired and achy” and “why me” and “I want to punch the person who gave me this stomach flu” blah blah so I’ll tell you the slightly embarrassing FlyWheel story from Saturday.

B and I woke up nice and early to get a sweaty start to our busy weekend. It was his first trip to FlyWheel. I was so excited that I kept waking up in the middle of the night hoping it was time to get up and go. Serious.

During class, I first noticed that my torque was a little off – I would crank it way up but the screen would say it hadn’t changed, even though it felt harder. I wasn’t sure what level I was at. When they displayed the standings on the screen, it showed that I was in first place. By A LOT. I was feeling pretty good about it and assumed my torque was way higher than it should be. I was keeping up with the guys (they separate the women’s rankings from the men’s) and I was all, “yeahhh B look at me, I’m so good, first place woohoo!”.


Eventually we realized that we were on the wrong bikes. I SWEAR I got on the bike I signed up for, but apparently he was on the bike connected to my stats. He was kicking butt…under my name. Yes, it’s nice to see your name in first place, but not-so-nice when you realize your boyfriend is the one doing all that work. When class was over, the teacher was all “wow, the first place girl is second place for the guys! Way to go! The rest of you ladies need to work harder!”.

Oops. Sorry ladies.

Regardless, I’m so proud of B for dominating FlyWheel and loved starting the morning that way – couples who sweat together stay together, you know!

I hope everyone  is happy and healthy and is enjoying a productive Thursday. I’m going to have to do a lot of work to make up for my complete lack of productivity the past three days. I guess getting better is my main task for now!

Let me live vicariously through you – what types of exercise did you do this week? Did you take advantage of the extra 24 hours you were granted this year? Do you have any secret “get over the flu” tips?