Sweat-Filled Weekend Recap

Hi, strangers!

I’ve been maximizing my family time and eating lots of Easter candy, so I apologize for my absence. B and I flew back to NY from Iowa yesterday and even our pilot was absent! Someone apparently decided not to show up on time so we had to wait until a gracious person who was capable of flying a plane showed up. But, we made it back just in time to watch the end of the Masters so all is well.

I’ll give you a quick rundown of my sweat-filled activities this weekend:

Thursday, B arrived! We relaxed and did a “Nuun Takes Iowa City” photo shoot to help Jocelyn with her Hood to Coast application.

Winning photo

I hope she gets picked – I love her blog, Enthusiastic Runner! 

I applied too. Cross your fingers!

Friday, B and I went to the University of Iowa gym for some cross training. I used the arc trainer for 30 minutes but it hurt my knees and hips a little; I felt like it was “stretching” them too much. Does that even make sense? Anyway, I moved over to the rowing machine, which I never do.

And then, I found the coolest thing ever. THE FISH GAME.

You move your fish up and down by the amount of pressure you generate when you pull back…you want to “eat” the other fish coming at it. Obviously I’m not a serious rower so it was perfect for my ADD-ish brain. Have I mentioned I’d always rather run than use a machine? This at least kept me occupied for about ten minutes. Then, I had B time me for some box jumps. Corrie Anne inspired me to try the tall box!  I did three sets of 1 minute – as many jumps as possible. Then we did some arm lifts and called it a day.

Post-workout my lats were really sore, and my upper calf muscles were hurting. I compression sock-ed it up all day but I was still nervous for my “long run” on Saturday!

Saturday was my “big” 6 miler. Since B wanted to go to the gym (and it was raining), I decided to accompany him and just run on the treadmill. And run I did.

What is it about a treadmill run that just makes you feel so strong? I’m probably the first person in the history of the world to say this, but I seriously loved this 6 miles on the ol’ treadmill. It was simple to keep an even pace; I set the speed to push my comfort level and simply had to worry about running. No checking my watch or worrying about anything except putting one foot in front of the other…

…which does worry me sometimes since I’m pretty clumsy and am terrified of flying off the belt. But don’t worry, I survived without a single mishap. The only other worrisome thing was my calf soreness starting off – mainly my “upper calf” toward the backs of my knees. As I ran, though, they both loosened up and felt better.

I was directly in front of a huge window and had a lovely view of the Iowa campus and the steady rain falling outside. Glorious. I watched multiple people get on the treadmill next to me, run a mile or two, and finish. Why is it so satisfying to outlast other people?

I gradually bumped up the speed with each mile. I felt strong and steady. And sweaty!

Don't let that 7:53 pace fool you...that was only for the last couple minutes. I like to finish strong!

As I passed the 5 mile mark, the furthest I’ve run since injury, I was already feeling some lactic acid build up. I could feel that my body was pushing hard – in a good way – and it was an amazing feeling!

I finished feeling on top of the world and was dying to analyze my splits! This treadmill had a cord to plug into your phone and upload the data. I downloaded the app but it didn’t work. Such a bummer. So all I have to show for my run is that little screen.

On our way out, we watched the rock climbers in awe.

I wanted to try it but you needed an appointment. Bummer!

Sunday was lots of flying and airports and Easter candy. I also wore compression socks for almost 36 hours straight. Is that bad?

Today I went shopping for a new suit – I have an interview tomorrow (Any tips for me? I get so nervous.) and I decided I needed a power suit, ha!  I also got an email from a different company yesterday and set up another interview in two weeks. FINALLLYYYYY people appear to be finding my resume!

Anyway, amazingly enough I found a suit that fits…I have such a hard time with that. But, I also just now truly discovered the “Petites” section in department stores. Being 5’2, it’s unbelievable that I’m just now taking advantage of it. I always thought it was a Mom thing. My days of too-long skirts and jackets with sleeves that cover my hands are OVER! (Yes, I know there’s a service called “alterations” but I’m simply too impatient for that.)

Moving on – I also ran an easy 4 miles today. My “back of knee” pain decided to join me…along with a cast of random aches that jumped from place to place. Nothing overwhelming but still, pretty annoying and frustrating. The aches got a little better as I continued on so I suppose that’s encouraging.

Now I’m icing and catching up with you folks. You are officially up to date on my life.

Tell me – whatcha got goin’ on this week? How’s taper going for you Boston-ers? Do you have a hard time suit-shopping? Anyone want to go to FlyWheel with me tomorrow late afternoon? I’ll go to any studio (in NY, that is)! 

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