Never Underestimate

I forgot how tiring this whole “working” thing is.

With my work commute and my workout, my days are going to be pretty full. But I’m already plotting the best ways to get my sweat on and be productive with my life. Thankfully my gym and a FlyWheel Studio are both very close to my office! Also thankfully, I have quite a few friends nearby and ready to meet for lunch or happy hour at a moment’s notice!

Even though my stomach was hurting when I got home last night, my legs were itching to run and they felt well rested after my shaky run on Monday. I needed to do a tempo run for the week. Here’s what I came up with:

I basically just warmed up, picked up my pace to what I felt was faster but could still maintain (was going for “8-something” I REALLY need to play around with that pacing calculator some more!)…and then did a quick cooldown. I slacked a little on the cooldown because I was anxious to spend time with B after my long day. Hence, the .25 at the end. Should have been an even 5 miles. Knees hurt a little post run but I iced, stick-ed, ate the homemade pizza that was ready and waiting for me courtesy of my lovely BF, and drank lots of Nuun. (1 full lemon-lime tablet and 1/2 strawberry lemonaid tablet is where it’s at!) I promise no one paid me to say that. I just like it. I’ve been wondering how the sodium affects you if you drink it while not exercising though…should I stop drinking it at random non-sweat filled times during the day? Is that bad?!

Back to my run- I’m not feeling so great about my times – I’m realizing that I need to push myself harder. I didn’t feel THAT tired. Not a tired as I think I should on a tempo-ish run. I may be underestimating myself. While jamming out to Jason Aldean I was thinking about how, in the past, I was always afraid to push too hard because I was afraid I wouldn’t finish. My first half-marathon and my first marathon were SO SLOW; I literally went as slow as I could because I wasn’t confident that I could make it all the way.

So slow, that in my next half and full, I PR’d by 23 and 40 minutes respectively. And that half PR was achieved only 2 months after my first one.

So what?

I need to work harder. I need to push harder than I think I can. I need to take more risks. I need to not be afraid of that “I want to throw up” feeling. If I don’t finish, it won’t be because I was “too tired”, that’s for sure. I’ll certainly learn a lesson if I go out too fast and crash later in a race, but I won’t NOT finish. What am I so worried about? Let’s all stop underestimating ourselves, shall we?

I need to take this advice and “find my strong”. I need to remind myself again and again that to RUN FAST you need to RUN FAST.

What are you most afraid of in races? How do you overcome your fears? What’s your fav Nuun combo? Any tempo run tips? What was your hardest run ever? Fill me in!

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