Gifts for Sweat-Lovers

This was supposed to be a “Winter Running Gear” post to disguise the fact that I’m jumping on the bandwagon and adding a “holiday gifts” post to the ocean of holiday gift blog posts these days. But then I found myself adding a bracelet and a bag (and also looking at dresses on PiperLime) so I had to give in.

I bring you: “Kara’s Holiday Wish List That Sort Of Has To Do With Wintertime Fitness But Not Totally.” Got that all?

On the first day of Christmas...

On the first day of Christmas…

1) Cowl Neck Scarf

Purple Cowl Neck Scarf

Purple Cowl Neck Scarf from Etsy seller ehalsch [source]

So, Winter is here, and if I’m not prepared to battle the elements I’ll be extremely miserable. Now that I spend a lot of time walking to work and to the train, I need layers. Lots of layers. Nothing’s worse than leaving a fitness class or ending your run and feeling sweat freezing on the back of your neck. Plus, although I’m pretty un-stylish, this scarf could at least help me appear to be. Doesn’t it look like the coziest thing ever? Luckily my talented BFF Elie creates these, so maybe I can convince her to give me a discount…

2) Wrist Warmers

Etsy Wrist Warmers

Knitted Wrist Warmers from Etsy seller SewFreshAgain [source]

Legwarmers, wrist warmers. I love any kind of “warmer”. (Shoutout to Ali, she opened my eyes to the amazingness that is leg warmers; + she rocks them better than anyone!) Anyway, back to these “sort of” gloves. Perfect to keep your hands toasty while still allowing you to easily grab that subway card out of your wallet or send a quick text message. (Am I the only one who can’t type correctly using touch screen gloves? I always end up taking them off to text because I accidentally type about 15 extra letters in each word.) The little button makes these more unique than the others I’ve found. “Adds a little something extra, don’t ya think?” (Name the movie!)

3) Hooded Arms

Crochet Hooded Arms by Sprigs

Crochet Hooded Arms by Sprigs [source]

…because who couldn’t use an extra pair of arms?! (Insert fake laughter.) You can’t exactly walk to yoga class in your tank top and yoga pants when it’s 30 degrees outside. I’m always looking for an extra long-sleeved top to wear under my coat. After being introduced to the Sprigs company this year, I found myself scouring their website and wanting everything. Enter this adorable item – not your average crop top! (Does anyone remember when those were popular?  Yikes.) I’d love to throw this on under my coat for an extra layer of warmth. Or, use it keep warm for a few extra minutes while I’m waiting on my mat for class to start. (Are you seeing the trend? I HATE being cold.) Bonus: my coat doesn’t have a hood, so these ”hooded arms” essentially create a removable (and cute!) hood for keeping ears warm.

4) Laundry Bags

Go Clean Pack Bags by Flight 001

Go Clean Pack Bags by Flight 001 [source]

Not just for travel! Once Summer is long gone, I’ll change into warmer, less sweaty clothes when leaving the gym (if I’m feeling ambitious, that is). Especially after swimming…once I finally get back on board with that. (Eeek. Putting that on the schedule TOMORROW, I swear.) I’m a little embarrassed to admit that I usually throw dirty clothes into my bag to mix with everything else (gross)…so these cute bags look like a fab solution. The material seals in moisture and odor, and prevents everything else in your bag from getting dirty. They even have one that says “wetsuit” with a resin-coated interior to prevent water from leaking out! Yes. Genius. A few of them even have additional pouches inside. I’m a sucker for anything that helps you organize and stay clean. And includes labels.

5) 140.6 Bracelet

140.6 Bracelet by Endorphin Warrior

140.6 Bracelet by Endorphin Warrior [source]

No, I haven’t completed my Ironman (or anything close) yet, but I want this bracelet to remind me every second of every day to make the right choices. (Is this allowed? Can I wear this without having completed the event?) I plan to show up at the starting line feeling 100% confident that I put in all the work I could and did my best to train for this monumental undertaking. Pretty sure I’ll need an occasional reminder though. What’s easier than looking at my wrist? You know, like those times when I want to skip a workout to go to happy hour or eat an entire tray of cookies. One cookie? Sure. 15? No. Look down, Kara. Remember that 100 cookies does not equal Ironman fuel. (Who wants to take bets on how many times I throw the bracelet across the room and say “SCREW YOU IRONMAN”)? Not doing an Ironman? Endurance Warrior has plenty of options for different mantras to remind you of your own personal goals.

6) Running Vest

Lululemon What the Fluff Vest

What the Fluff Vest by Lululemon [source]

The running vest is my new favorite invention. Keeps the core and neck warm. Adds extra pockets. Looks lovely. (I love how unique the zipper is!) I want this.

7) Gym Bag

Athleta Spring Tote

Athleta Spring Tote [source]

I’m always on the lookout for multi-tasking bags…and this little gem could double as a gym bag + work bag for me. Plus, there’s like a million pockets. (Have I mentioned how much I love zippered pockets?) It even has that small strap to hold a yoga mat or foam roller (do people carry those around?) I could even use this as a carryon and probably fit everything I need. (I pack light. I refuse to check bags. Too impatient for that.) With this, I wouldn’t be sprinting to the train station while juggling 3 different bags and dodging tourists. (It’s like a freakin’ real-life video game, I swear.) Perfection.

And there you have it, my friends. My gift ideas for the sweat-lover in your life (AKA my own personal wish list). And no, I didn’t receive money or free stuff for writing about any of these. (If only!)

Enjoy and Happy Holidays to all!

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    • December 8, 2012 / 7:02 pm

      Thanks! I’ve never tried anything of theirs but I’ve always wanted to :)

  1. December 8, 2012 / 3:26 pm

    Those bags are brilliant and I’ve convinced myself I need them @ now. And I love vests, too! That Lulu one is gorgeous.

    • December 8, 2012 / 7:03 pm

      I know, right?! I neeeeeeeed it all immediately. Haha!

  2. December 9, 2012 / 12:17 am

    I love the Endorphin Warriors stuff there is some on my Christmas list too!

    • December 15, 2012 / 2:17 pm

      They have so many choices! It’s tough to decide :)

  3. December 10, 2012 / 10:48 am

    I hate being cold too!! It’s hard to figure out what to wear on the way to the gym this time of year. I wore compression socks with capris last night. Ew. Lol.

    • December 15, 2012 / 2:16 pm

      Hahaha love it! I have the hardest time when I want to wear capris and compression socks. Serious dilemma.

  4. December 10, 2012 / 10:23 pm

    i love that stuff! especially the wrist warmers. super cute

    • December 15, 2012 / 2:18 pm

      I know! Who would have thought…wrist warmers…hah!

  5. December 11, 2012 / 10:36 pm

    Love this list! I’d like a nice gym bag too but can never bring myself to buy one! Hopefully its one of my gifts from someone this year haha

    • December 15, 2012 / 2:15 pm

      Do it!! It’s a fabulous investment :) Or drop some hints, haha