Road Trip “Adventures”

Hello from a highway in Ohio!

Not a lot going on here.

Not a lot going on here.

Don’t worry, I’m not stranded on the side of the road. Brendan and I are just cruising down I-80 on our way to Iowa. (Well, by the time I’m actually able to post this, we’ll be home…anti-climactic I know.) Sadly, a full-time job coupled with Ironman training doesn’t necessarily leave a lot of room for blogging, but a 16 hour drive does give me all the time in the world to write about my latest shenanigans. Lucky you! Fun fact: we literally stay on this highway the entire way from New Jersey. The directions include the following instructions: “keep left” and “keep right”. That’s it. Not a single turn until we get off at our exit. 1-80 is the longest road ever.
I’ve already enacted a new rule: every time we stop, we must do squats and lunges. So far I’m up to about 20 of each. For my next trick, I’ll attempt to lay my seat down and do pushups, but that may be easier said than done. I will report back later.
I tried to snap a photo of Brendan doing his squats but he got a little shy.

I tried to snap a photo of Brendan doing his squats but he got a little shy.

We are heading to my hometown in Iowa for one of my best friends’ wedding. We decided to drive because A) it’s a huge pain to get to Iowa by plane and I have the worst luck with cancelled flights B) flying is so annoying and expensive C) I needed to bring my bike, Penelope (main reason). Plus, we each pretty much packed every single item from our closet because you just never know what’ll happen in Iowa. (Seriously!) Besides, I need a million sets of workout clothes. Lucky for Brendan I don’t charge baggage fees.
As seen on our drive: where are the human exercise areas?!

As seen on our drive: what about the human exercise areas?!

Speaking of friends and weddings, remember when I told you that my coach said to say goodbye to my friends for the next seven weeks? I laughed and shrugged it off, but he wasn’t kidding. Dang it. When I saw my workout for this weekend, I almost emailed him to ask if he mistakenly put a nine where the zero should be.


Long Bike – Zone 2

390 minutes AKA 6.5 hours (are you sure that shouldn’t be 300 minutes, coach? No?)

Long Run – Zone 2

Run 50 minutes

Swim Steady

200 warm up

30 minute straight swim



150 minute run (2.5 hours)

Strength routine

Since I don’t want to be a lame wedding guest and be all “I know I’m a bridesmaid but no I can’t dance all night, I have to wake up early to swim-bike-run” on Friday, and then we have a family/wedding party brunch on Saturday, and a baby shower for two of my other BFFs on Sunday morning, I’m switching my workout schedule around. I don’t come home often and don’t want to miss those memories, ya hear me? So, I’ll do the long run on Sunday and then save my 8 hour workout for Tuesday once we’re back in NJ, since I have the day off work. Ahh the trials and tribulations I face, let me tell you. (Kidding. So thankful I even have the opportunity to do all these things and train for something like this.)
In other news, last Friday I did a 4 hour ride on the trainer (I watched my Coach Troy Lake Placid Spinervals DVD and amazingly didn’t get bored once). I chased the ride with a fast 20 minute run. I felt great! Then I went to Long Island and on Saturday, ran 14 miles along a beautiful road with lots of vineyards.
Doesn't look much different from my Iowa pictures, actually...

Doesn’t look much different from my Iowa pictures, actually…

I then went to the beach with friends all day, and stopped at a few local watering holes at night. It was perfect.

Yes please.

Somehow, I wasn’t even sore on Sunday! I even negative split the run. Normally that many miles would at least give me some tired legs and tight quads the next day, but I felt fantastic! Does this mean my muscles are getting used to all the movement? Who knows. But I like it.
Nothing like a craft beer to recover after a long run, am I right?

Nothing like a craft beer to recover after a long run, am I right?

Stay tuned for more updates from a faraway land with fresh air and farms and no traffic or subways or rude people who step on your feet and smack you in the head with their umbrellas. (AKA Iowa.) Sounds glorious right? It is.
Saving the world, one windmill at a time.

Saving the world, one windmill at a time.

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