Brooklyn Half Marathon Prep

I’m ready for Brooklyn.

Foggy downtown NYC on the walk to the expo.

Foggy downtown NYC on the walk to the expo.

Wish it wasn't so rainy when I went to the was such a gorgeous spot!

Wish it wasn’t so rainy when I went to the expo…it’s such a gorgeous spot!

I have my bib. Good sign.

I got my bib. Good sign.

I’m ready to run through Prospect Park, down Ocean Parkway, and onto the beach at Coney Island all in hopefully less than 1 hour, 59 minutes, and 59 seconds. (Although I hope I don’t cut it THAT close!)

Most of you already know my main goal for the Brooklyn Half Marathon: Run the elusive-for-me sub-2 half.

I’ve been training hard for it and have been pleasantly surprised with some of the paces in my tempo runs – I ended up running faster than was called for in most of them. It wasn’t easy, but it was do-able and although I’m nervous, I’m pretty comfortable with where I’m at. A couple weeks in there ended up less-than-ideal, but I did what I could (and got a half PR in the middle of it all!) so all I can do now is remain confident in the training I have done and have faith in myself. That being said…I’m scared to be overly confident because I feel like I’ll jinx myself, so that’s all I’ll say!

For the rest of the evening, I’ll be finishing my usual pre-big-race checklist:

  • Put gas in my car.
  • Get cash for parking.
  • Paint nails. (Gotta have race nails!)
  • Eat carbs.
  • Finish playlist.
  • Pick out outfit. Pin on bib.
  • Pack a bag so I’m ready to go in the morning (bottles of water, Gu and ShotBloks, headphones, Garmin, etc…).
  • Foam roll.
  • Sit in pigeon pose for an hour. (Maybe not an hour. But a long time.)
  • Review confidence-building workouts I’ve done this training cycle to remind myself of the hard work I put in.
  • Put K-Cup in Keurig with to-go coffee cup underneath, ready to go. (No time to waste, people!)
  • Pack breakfast.
  • Read inspirational race recaps.

Reading about other people’s PRs or otherwise awesome races really pumps me up. Some of my favorite inspirational half marathon race recaps that I’ve been reading tonight:

Beth: Long Branch Half

Beth: All State 13.1

Theodora: Rock ‘n’ Roll USA Half

Ashley: NYC Half

Kim: Wineglass Half

Michele: NYC Half

Laura: Richmond Half

Dori: Newport Half #1

Dori: Newport Half #2

This quote from one Dori’s half PR recaps really stuck with me and I hope it can be the same for me. While I’ve had a mostly good training cycle, over the past couple weeks I’ve had some pretty crappy runs…AKA I could barely run race pace in a 3-miler:

“I needed this validation too because while my training is going well, I’ve been unhappy with my training run times. But the thing is — I thrive at races. I’ve always thrived at races. So what if I can’t hit my half marathon pace during a tempo run? At least I’m giving it the effort and my body is trained to work at that effort level. The speed, for me, comes at races.”

And now, I’m off to finish my to-do list! I have an early morning tomorrow – I’ll be up at about 4:15AM to make it to the 7AM start on time. Yikes! Good luck to everyone running this weekend. If you’re running Brooklyn too, come find me on the beach post-race!

A special thanks to my wonderful friend Beth for sending me this photo.

A special thanks to my wonderful friend Beth for sending me this perfect, timely quote!

How do you prepare on race evening?

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  1. Beth
    May 17, 2014 / 1:58 am

    This post was so fantastic! You have the BEST attitude going into this race. I know you can do this. You are so much stronger and faster than you think you are. I will be running right alongside of you in spirit. Believe in yourself! I know I BELIEVE IN YOU!!!!!!!!!!! And thank you for including me in this post. You are the sweetest, kindest, most incredible friend. Love you! I’ll be thinking of you tomorrow and cheering for you the whole time.

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