NYC Marathon Training – The First Few Weeks

Sooo…let’s just say it’s been hard to get back into real life post-wedding. If this gives you a sense of where my head’s at, I was just in the shower and took shampoo and started slathering it all over my arms. That’s just great.

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BUT, I do miss writing and recapping and talking to all of you! However, I have 1.3 million heartfelt thank you cards to write – I seriously want everyone to know how appreciate them – and I feel like blogging should take the back burner to that. Free time = card writing time. 

For now let’s get into some running stuff because that’s what you come here for, right? (And my hand is probably about to fall off. Since when did writing get so strenuous?)

NYC Marathon training started a few weeks ago. This is one thing that is was super motivational for me. I’ve had some GREAT runs and was feeling ecstatic…but then a couple weeks ago I tweaked something in my knee. I was in a class and the instructor had us do side shuffles up a hill. (Yeah, WHAT THE F.) That coupled with jumps and sprints caused my knee to ache more and more throughout class, so I’ve stopped running (and it SUCKSSSS). It has gotten better and I can only feel the little twinge when I purposely twist my leg a very specific way…but it’s enough to scare me. I love exercising and classes and running, and I have goals to focus on. So when my body says NO, it makes me sad.

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But let’s pretend that never happened so I can talk about these workouts I haven’t shared yet.

Track workout | Repeats | 5 miles total

1 mile warm up, 4×800 with 400m jog recovery, 200m sprint, 1 mile cool down.

800s were 3:27, 3:43, 3:36, 3:42, and the 200 was :44. We used to do what we called the “war zone 200” in high school track and XC where you sprint 200 meters at the end of the workout, giving it everything you have no matter how exhausted you were. So I threw that back in for a little push! Loved this workout. I felt empowered and ready for training. The paces for those splits were 6:48, 7:25, 7:11 and 7:14.

Long run, 8 easy miles | Average Pace: 10:11 | Time: 1:21

I met my friends Jen and MaryKate in Long Beach and we ran all along the beach and through the city. The pace was easy and we chatted the whole time, but the sun was shining and definitely drained a lot of my energy. Still, time passed quickly and we went to a post-run brunch, my favorite thing maybe ever. It felt SO GOOD to have friends to run with. That’s one of the biggest things I miss about running in NJ/NY.

8x Hill Repeats | 4 Miles total

1 mile warm up, 8x 1:15-1:30 minutes of uphill running, hard effort, 1.5 mile cooldown. (I accidentally left my Garmin on when I got in the car, so part of my drive home was recorded, showing I ran a 3:22 mile what whattttt! It was a good workout – I felt a little drained from a long day but still pretty strong. Nothing crazy to report.

I was driving around looking for a hill, saw one, slammed on my breaks and said THERE to myself. Just painting a little picture for you. ANYWHO this is the view from the bottom.

I was driving around looking for a secluded and long-enough hill, saw one, slammed on my breaks and said THERE to myself. (Just painting a little picture for you. I love a good hill.) ANYWHO this is the view from the bottom.

Track workout | Mile Repeats | 5 miles total

The plan was a mile warm up, 2 x 1 mile at 8:10 with 800m jog recovery, 1 mile cooldown. Instead of 8:10s, I ran a 7:38 and a 7:56. I obviously didn’t do a good job at hitting the right pace, BUT I’m still pretty excited to know I CAN run faster miles than I thought. (Or at least I could…WAH!) I know, I know. That’s not the point…but STILL. I was really happy with myself. I was seriously worried about running a single 8:10 and thought I’d get try and get as close to it as I could. I thought It would be an 8:20 or so.

track splits

Long run: 10 easy miles. | Average Pace 9:54 | Time: 1:39

I felt so awesome on this run. There were zero hills so that helps (although I seriously need to work on better routes since NYCM is hilly) and the weather was perfect. I was happy to be back in the double digits again. I listened to a triathlon podcast almost the entire time and it flew by. Mile 9 was supposed to be at race pace, about a 9 minute mile, so I turned on some music to get a little boost. When I looked at my splits afterward, I was so amazed with myself. (#HumbleBrag).

track splits

Minus the fast mile 9, it’s almost a perfect progression run! Again, I’m a terrible pacer. But at least it was faster than I hoped?

The view was okay.

The view was okay.

Needless to say, this stupid potential injury is really messing up my game. Just when I start feeling awesome about my capabilities this training cycle, something comes in and crushes my hopes and dreams. (I’m being overdramatic, I know. Hopefully this is just a minor setback.) Lauren Fleshman actually wrote an article about this – seeing glimpses of your potential that don’t always last –  in the most recent issue of Runner’s World – check it out, it’s fantastic. Page 22.

I will leave you with this video that is not running related but for some reason makes me extremely emotional. It’s the same feeling I get when I watch a marathon. Like, all these people coming together and doing something they love. GAH. Love it.


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  1. GB
    August 11, 2015 / 11:08 am

    Go IronKara Go!

  2. August 11, 2015 / 1:07 pm

    I have a feeling the injury will subside and you’ll be right back on track, my friend! You’re rocking those workouts!

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