Not Staying Healthy for the Holidays

Attention all reporters, newscasters, content curators and media of any kind: Some of us aren’t trying to “stay healthy for the holidays”.

At least not in the traditional sense. “Healthy” to me, especially around the holidays, means surrounding yourself with people and situations that make you happy and full of gratitude for life. Friends and family and happiness. Not so much counting calories and exhausting yourself just trying to schedule in workouts on busy days.



Also pure happiness.

Also pure happiness.

I’ve seen fifteen million articles about “staying healthy for the holidays” and I can totally appreciate how helpful the tips may be for some people. But me? I’m okay with letting go a bit. There’s so much more to think about. Spending time with loved ones, wine (a close second), pretty decorations, cooking, baking, eating the things you cook and bake (DUH), Christmas music, festive movies on TV, hot chocolate in snowman mugs, evergreen scented candles (or the smell of ACTUAL CHRISTMAS TREES if you’re fancy) and that feeling of anticipation that makes life seem brighter.

How gorgeous is this?!

How gorgeous is this?! Minus all those people who are ready to trample you. (Can you tell this photo is from my BlackBerry days? I forgot my digital camera and was so mad. LIFE WAS HARD.)

Being a new wife, I’m all about making new traditions and carrying on old ones. (Our first married Christmas!!) My family always decorates our tree together, so even though Brendan and I are here alone we still made a point to put on some Christmas music, light some candles and decorate! We have a $20 Walmart tree and about 10 ornaments so it literally only lasted like 7 minutes…but STILL. It’s the little things right? My mom also always gets everyone a special new ornament each year, which is another tradition I’m going to continue as well. Here’s what I got for Brendan since this is our first year as Mr. & Mrs. Burger:



More non-healthy but secretly healthy (by my definition) things I do over the holidays:

  • I buy or make meaningful gifts for the people I love.
  • I bake things with cinnamon and pumpkin and red and green sprinkles. (Not all in the same dish. That would be weird, although I’m not a good baker so who even knows. That might actually be a thing.)
  • I don’t freak out about the cookies I eat or whatever else may potentially be “unhealthy”. I ask myself how I’ll feel afterwards (and not just during the holidays, I pretty much always do this). Guilt steals all joy out of baked goods, let me tell you. I’m honest with myself and either enjoy it guilt-free or I don’t even waste my time.

All Wyatt cares about is treats. Treats and snoozin’, snoozin’ and treats.

  • I listen to the Christmas music radio station. Or Pandora. ALL DAY LONG. (Tell me I’m not the only one?) I change the channel when that one “So This is Christmas/War is Over” song comes on though. Not a fave.
  • I watch Christmas movies almost every night. Except tonight because Brendan is watching some pirate movie. (Captain Phillips…it’s actually intriguing me. Hence why this post is taking me 5 years to write.) Anywhoodles, has anyone else noticed that Home Alone has been on every night since the week of Thanksgiving? Never gets old. I also enjoy almost any holiday love story on The Hallmark Channel except the ones when the person re-lives the same day over and over or when spirits from Christmas past come to visit them. Can we get a new concept please?
  • Holiday parties. I live for them. (Why are they SO MUCH MORE FUN than regular parties?)

It IS a little hard to get in the holiday spirit when it’s warm and there are palm trees everywhere, but I made my phone background a snowy scene which is totally the same thing as living through winter. (KIDDING DON’T HATE ME I KNOW HOW BAD WINTER IS.)

You would miss this too if you were in California, I swear! (But only until December 26th.)

Last year Brendan and I went to Big Bear on Christmas Eve just to see snow. (That’s a mountain in SoCal for all you non-Californians!) We ended up at a brewery drinking beer and sending selfies back and forth to our parents. Even though we were 3,000 miles away from everyone (and will be again this year), we made the most of it and had the best time.

Obviously you make moose ears on Christmas Eve.

Obviously you make moose ears on Christmas Eve.


See all that snow? :/

See all that snow? :/


My favorite people :)

My favorite people :)


My family’s tree. Someday Brendan and I will be this fancy! (Today is not that day.)

So, that’s how I stay healthy during the holidays. What about you? What are your traditions?

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  1. December 8, 2015 / 1:53 pm

    Love this post. You’re exactly right…it’s time to enjoy the holidays and not dread them or feel guilty. Especially about cookies. Also I LOVE the burger ornament. It’s perfect! :)

    • December 10, 2015 / 4:50 am

      Thanks friend! Hooray for holidays :)

  2. December 8, 2015 / 2:41 pm

    I do try to stay healthy during the holidays and don’t go crazy, but I think some people take the healthiness to the extreme. I have dessert, and not healthy dessert. I still run and train, but sharing dessert with friends and family and participating in holiday activities is more important than sticking to some sort of diet all the time, too. Food is a part of celebration, whether you are preparing a healthy meal with your spouse, going out to eat at a fancy restaurant, or drinking a Peppermint Chocolate Chip milkshake because… it’s that time of year ;).

    I love your Burger Christmas ornament! That’s so fun and clever. It looks like you’re having a happy holiday season too.

    • December 10, 2015 / 4:52 am

      I’m with you! I totally agree. Little healthful things are great but I don’t need to obsess over them. You said it perfectly – “food is a part of celebration”! I love that! Happy holidays, Amy!

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