Married Life in the Off-Season

Brendan and I have been married for 9 whole months! I love being married. It feels like time flew and like our wedding was forever ago all at the same time. Brendan went right to work when we returned from New York (still no honeymoon yet…GRRRR) but he has weekends off for now so we’ve been soaking up time together before spring ball starts.

wedding photography long island new york

Obviously I absolutely love spending time with my husband and even though I love football, I love the off-season when we actually get to hang in places other than our couch or a 1 mile radius from our house. (Ummm there’s a Sees Candy across the street from us and it’s so dangerous. THEY GIVE FREE SAMPLES.) Annnnywho, I figured I’d share some of the fun stuff we get to do here in SoCal on the weekends.

Last weekend we rode bikes with some friends to Manhattan Beach and watched the Kansas game at a bar. (Rock Chalk Jayhawk!) There’s a a beautiful trail that runs for miles and miles along the ocean.

marina del rey bike path

Different day, same path. One of my favorite places to run!

We rode back along the beach while the sun was setting, music playing, for the most serene 45 minutes. We capped the night off with some mexican food with our friends and were in bed by 9:15PM. (Yes, this is, in fact, a perfect day when you’re 30. I’m not even embarrassed to admit it.)

los angeles palm trees sunset

I mean, really?! Is this real?

b and k sunset

friends manhattan beach sunset

On Thursday we saw Bruce Springsteen, which was, hello, AMAZING. Of course. It’s The Boss.

Brendan hung out with some friends Friday night but I was exhausted and felt like staying behind and doing my own thing. I was so content just hanging out at home with a glass of wine and a book (Gary Vaynerchuk’s new book on social media and entreprenuership, #AskGaryVee. READ IT!) I neeeeeed nights like this to recharge or I get a little crazy. (Anyone else? Bueller?) #introvertlife

On Saturday morning we worked out together. We usually start out outside with some running and med ball exercises and then head into the gym to lift.

ucla football

We run laps around the field and play the categories game. One person picks a category and then you go back and forth naming one item. We did Billy Joel songs and cities in New York. I lost both times :/

During the offseason I’ve gotten to use the school’s team gym, and I’ve been (surprisingly) loving going to an actual gym instead of a class. (Probably because it’s the nicest gym ever.) It’s great to go with Brendan because he has been planning the workout and their gym has everything you could ever want…so I just have to show up! I’ve been working on cleans, bench press and pullups (with bands…hopefully someday I can ditch the band) and heavier deadlifts and I’m really loving the challenge. As soon as I walk in there I’m in heaven. I feel so accomplished when I leave.

On Sunday we went to the UCLA baseball game and I felt like I was totally back in my element. The field is tucked away and although you can see a few buildings in the distance, I didn’t feel like I was in LA at all; I felt like I was at a hometown baseball game.

ucla baseball game

All the smells and sounds that go with an early spring game took me back to my childhood. We sat outside for lunch, went to Target, and then went home. And I AM SO FREAKING HAPPY WITH LIFE. I understand how lame I might sound and I wish I had the words to explain how being married to Brendan makes my world a brighter place every single day.

It’s the little things. I laugh when going to Target with Brendan more than I laugh in an entire day at work. Cooking dinner with him is the best moment of my day. He makes me so happy. When I drive him to work in the mornings (we only have one car right now, RIP Brendan’s 2003 Rav 4) I get an extra 20-ish minutes with him and even if we just sing to the radio the whole way, I’m thrilled just having him next to me. (I knowwwww I’m sappy.) I’m giggling out loud right now just thinking about how great he is. I’m so lucky. At the same time – and I know this might seem contradictory after this post – I still feel independent and like I’m still my genuine self…but he just makes me a little happier and a little stronger.

What’s your favorite weekend activity? Do you hate or love reading about other people’s relationships? Be honest, I promise I won’t be offended :)

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  1. March 29, 2016 / 10:49 pm

    You be giggly all you want as long as you are happy!!!

    Free samples are killer, even in Costco!

    Such beauty out there in Cali!

    • March 31, 2016 / 4:22 am

      Thanks friend :) It really is beautiful!

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