Olympic Marathon Trials 2016

Having the Olympic Marathon Trials in Los Angeles this year was such a treat! Brendan and I went downtown, cowbells in hand, to cheer this morning. We found a parking spot incredibly easily and stood about 2 miles into the loop. Best thing about a looped course – we stood in one spot and saw the lead runners pass through multiple times. (#lazyrunner) There was a ton of energy and a great crowd where we were standing. Definitely felt toasty though – those temps would have been tough for any runner!

It felt like every time the lead men came through, we didn’t have to wait too long before the women ran by. I always love watching Amy, Shalane, Desi and Kara and wish all of them could go to the Olympics. (And of course loveddd seeing Meb grab that American flag and crush it through the finish line with that huge smile on his face!)

And as always happens when I watch a marathon, I now want to go out and run a million miles.

Here are some of my favorite photos that I took – enjoy! (There are also some videos on my Snapchat and Instagram ->@kararuns729.


olympic marathon trials 2016 women front pack

amy and shalane olympic marathon trials 2016

shalane flanagan amy hastings cragg olympic marathon trials 2016

desi linden olympic marathon trials 2016

kara goucher olympic marathon trials 2016

kara goucher olympic marathon trials 1 2016

meb keflezighi olympic marathon trials 2016

meb olympic marathon trials 2016

Does spectating make you want to run a million miles too?! I’m so inspired!

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