Two months into mom life! Cecilia had a Thanksgiving outfit and everything so I’d say that I’m crushing it. (Errr…thanks Mom…I myself didn’t actually put in the effort to plan that…) I admit that, even though I’ve always insisted I wouldn’t be a mom who wanted to post baby pictures on social media and I wouldn’t have a phone filled with baby photos (I mean really, don’t they just make the same face all day?)… …I humbly come to you all with my tail between my legs. I want to post five hundred photos, all of which are on my camera roll, causing my storage to… View Post

I once read that pain and injury are not the same. We can have pain without injury, which I don’t think I ever truly understood. Is this as mind-blowing to anyone else? I remembered this as I sat on my couch a few weeks ago, wondering why the heck my random back-of-knee “running injury” returned. As I’ve begrudgingly mentioned a million times already, I wasn’t able to run while pregnant…so why was I feeling those random pangs again?! I thought I was in the clear for any and all running injuries due to the fact that I WASN’T RUNNING. In the past, I assumed… View Post

Let’s start this post out with some story time, shall we? This conversation happened at 3AM when Cecilia was about a week old and wasn’t sleeping unless we were holding her: K (walking down the stairs, holding the baby – or so I think. Brendan is awake on the couch, talking out loud): Who are you talking to? B: Umm…the baby… K: I have her! B: No, I have her… K: WHO DO I HAVE?!? B: (laughing uncontrollably) You have Snoopy. Yes, I was holding my childhood stuffed dog like a baby and legitimately thought it was my child. Also yes, I still have… View Post

Giving birth has always been one of my biggest fears. I know. There are plenty of more significant things to be scared of than a happy occasion like bringing your child into the world…like when you think a thought – but don’t even say it out loud – and suddenly an Instagram ad pops up that’s directly correlated to your thought. THAT, my friends, is frightening. But childbirth was the big, scary thing looming in my life. I was terrified of everything about it, causing lots of tears and sleepless nights and general unhappiness. Other than breaking my arm as a child (two days before we went… View Post

Meet Cecilia! Our strong 5 pound, 7 ounce baby girl Cecilia arrived on Wednesday! It has been the most incredible, happy, love-filled experience. Everything I thought would be so scary has instead been wonderful and fulfilling. Brendan and I are so overjoyed! 😍Thank you, friends and fam, for all your never-ending support and love! A post shared by Kara (@kararuns729) on Oct 7, 2017 at 9:35am PDT Sitting here playing our wedding song for our daughter as we roll around doing “tummy time”, sensing everything important in my life coming full circle, I still don’t believe she’s here. I believe I’m in… View Post

Pregnancy is a funny thing to experience. This photo was from about 33 weeks. I’m now mucccch larger all of a sudden. I’ve never experienced a physical process that involves so many varying opinions (opinions in general) and conflicting “facts”. When I’ve succumbed to the sweet whisperings of Google, I’ve learned: If you can’t sleep, have cramps, feel nauseous, vomit, your wrists and fingers feel like fire and/or your pelvis (or any body part) hurts, congrats, you’re pregnant. You’ll give birth at some point. Stop googling your symptoms and “labor sign?”. If you’re 38+ weeks pregnant, you’ll probably go into labor… View Post

I’m 35 weeks pregnant. (For those of you who don’t know, like I never did, you’re generally pregnant for 40 weeks. AKA I’m about 8 months along.) I know, WHAT?! WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN. I’m already excited about returning to an exercise routine someday and having the ability to train for something. Before you tell me how difficult and different everything is going to be, please save yourself from the wrath of my hormones and just let it go. I understand. I can imagine. I’m working on staying positive over here. ANYWHOODLES, I’ve been researching tips on postpartum recovery and returning to… View Post

When we were living in Los Angeles I couldn’t snap out of my “I <3 NY” phase. Blah blah blah, I love New York, California just isn’t as great because (insert random observation here). I was all holier-than-thou about how great the east coast is. (Which it is, of course.) But I didn’t appreciate how great California was until I left. The curse of being me, wahhh. I’m a very nostalgic person, much to my detriment. Here we are back in New Jersey which is completely different from Southern California and although I lived here for years prior to moving, I’m having… View Post