2 Running Lessons I Should Have Learned A Long Time Ago

I had a great run this Saturday! 6.25 miles, which I think is the longest I’ve run since this injury started. I was nervous going into it because I’ve been doing so well lately and would have been crushed if any pains popped up. My doctor said I can run as long as nothing hurts, so I  decided to try again while, of course, being cautious. For now, I’m still continuing on as normal for the NYC Half. I’m not doing speedwork though. I have zero time goals. Since this will just be a fun race in my favorite city, there’s… View Post

My First Green Blender Box

I’ve become addicted to food delivery services. I’m not talking about Seamless or Eat 24 (although, yes, I’m addicted to those as well), but any kind of service that delivers food ready to cook – especially ones that make healthy habits more convenient. Brendan and I get a Blue Apron box almost every week and not only is the food real, delicious, and importantly, convenient…but I feel good because we’re actually chopping and dicing and, well, cooking. There’s usually a recipe every week or two that I’m iffy about but I almost always end up loving it and learning something new about… View Post

4 Tips for Working Out in the Afternoon

A few months ago I quit ClassPass, a service I was using religiously about 4-5 times a week. I had found a gym I really liked so I took advantage of their discounted “first month special” and put CP on hold. I went 2 times a week for a pretty high intensity class. At the end of the month I was so worn out physically and mentally that I knew I overdid it…so I kept ClassPass on hold to rejuventate and save money in the meantime. I still haven’t started it up again because A) I’m getting an MRI next… View Post

A Few Good Runs

I feel like it’s about time I start talking about running again. I know what you’re thinking…ON A RUNNING BLOG?! What a novel idea! It’s been TOO LONG since I’ve been able to recap races and runs and general running things because, well, I haven’t really been running more than once a week (twice if I’m lucky). BUT…my doctor’s appointment is finally, FINALLY this week and I’m looking forward to hopefully getting this weird pain figured out and moving forward. I’m crossing my fingers that with a little physical therapy I’ll be healed. (I swear I get this same injury once… View Post

2016 Goals

I love fresh starts and transitioning into a new year. I know you can have a fresh start on, like, a Tuesday at 3:30PM. It’s all up to you. But there’s something about January 1st. It sounds cliche, but to me it feels like there’s so much opportunity and promise. Goals feel more attainable and everyone seems to have a brighter outlook. People are clearly more open to the potential for accomplishment…even though it’s “just another day”. Honestly, I’m bummed about 2015 running-wise. I didn’t get close to any running goals, which sucks. I didn’t run many races. I ran about 450 miles in… View Post

Not Staying Healthy for the Holidays

Attention all reporters, newscasters, content curators and media of any kind: Some of us aren’t trying to “stay healthy for the holidays”. At least not in the traditional sense. “Healthy” to me, especially around the holidays, means surrounding yourself with people and situations that make you happy and full of gratitude for life. Friends and family and happiness. Not so much counting calories and exhausting yourself just trying to schedule in workouts on busy days.   I’ve seen fifteen million articles about “staying healthy for the holidays” and I can totally appreciate how helpful the tips may be for some people. But… View Post

The one guy you don’t want to live with…or do you?

Fun fact about me: If you were to look at my search history (you creep!) you’d see I’ve googled some random, very telling things. Toughest endurance events on earth. Athletic events no woman has ever completed. Bucket list athletic achievements. Climbing Mt. Everest. Biggest mountains to hike in California. Most challenging marathons. Navy SEAL workouts. I’ll stop you before you start thinking I’m super cool and motivated. Like, “OMG, Kara’s gonna climb Mt. Everest! I can’t wait to read her blog from the top!” (How kind of you!) Sadly, I’m a victim of delusion. I mean, I certainly believe in the… View Post

If we were having coffee…

Congratulations to everyone who participated in the NYC Marathon! (Tweet me your race recaps pretty please!) I woke up at 6AM to watch the coverage on TV and spent the majority of my day stalking people via the app. Did you guys notice the little map option? Was that part of the app last year? You can track these little dots on the course map that represent your friends along the course. I LOVE THAT. The thing I love most about this race is that so many people get inspired to run, especially in NYC. It’s hard to avoid the… View Post