Guess who’s back…back aGAIN. (No, not Slim Shady. Just me.)

Hope you enjoyed that throwback. Doesn’t he look so young? When did he get old? When did I get old? What is HAPPENING.

Anyway, my husband informs me I haven’t posted in too long so here I am. (But really, time, slow down.)

To be fair, I did start writing a post while on the plane to New York a couple weeks ago, but here we are, back from our trip and nothing I wrote will make sense anymore. I guess I’ll send that to the abyss on my computer that is full of random little paragraphs I felt the need to write but don’t fit into anything I’m currently writing.

I did want to BE SURE to note (because obviously this is vital information) that a guy sitting next to me on the plane was actually twiddling his thumbs. He didn’t sleep, he didn’t turn on the TV in front of him, he literally stared at nothing and TWIDDLED HIS THUMBS. FOR FIVE HOURS. That kind of restraint is fascinating. Since the invention of smart phones I can no longer NOT be entertained. I have to be mentally stimulated every second. Kids these days (you must read that in a crotchety old person voice) don’t even know what being “bored” is. Do you remember being bored to tears in childhood? ‘Cause I do. But my brain can no longer handle boredom. What a curse.

Moving on to other non-running things, I have been writing writing writing – does typing that three times in a row make it seem more powerful? – on other topics that don’t quite fit here. Some sports, some personal essay type things, and one piece of fiction that I started about 7 years ago, yes actually 7, that I come back to every once in awhile. If you like Jets football or have an opinion on college sports, there are a couple options on my new Medium page for ya. Look at me, branching out. These are the types of articles that give me anxiety attacks to post because there are SO MANY OPINIONS on sports and people are very excited to tell you they think you suck. But they’re also the most rewarding for me because I love the challenge of infusing a little bit more humor into topics I love, AKA football.

We had an incredible trip to the east coast:

One World Observatory View of Brooklyn

One World Observatory – A must! I said “I can see my old office!” at least 15 times, but I’m stillllll not quite sure I actually did.


I curled my hair and then we rode in a trolley and my hair was no longer curled. PS Cooperstown NY = gorgeous and very Iowa-like, which of course I love.

concert and friends

DMB concert of course, if you know my husband I don’t have to explain.


This little lady was only 10 days old when we got married! And now she’s ONE OMG.

To be honest, I’m a little bummed to be back. It’s hard to go from being surrounded by lots of people you love and who know you, sleeping in and going to weddings and catching up with old friends and seeing babies who have grown and feeling the sunshine on your face all day and just being carefree…to back to work, in a place far away from all that. But, I live in a beach town and drive along the ocean on my way to work, so I cannot utter any sort of complaint.

On to fitness! My suitcase was overflowing because I brought approximately 13 workout outfits on my trip. I used exactly 2 of them.

I went on a glorious run, one of my favorite types of runs that you just don’t get in Southern California. It was cloudy, cool, and drizzling rain. It was hilly and green and quiet.

new york quiet road running

In case you don’t know what trees look like.

I had the roads all to myself and I was on cloud 9. Minus the fact that I haven’t been on a legit hilly run in approximately 395 days. I do hill repeats, sure, but the never-ending hills crushed me and I felt so out of shape. Turns out when you run a flat course every time you run, YOU SUCK AT HILLS. Whoops.

new york running

Basically the opposite of California.

I also ran with Brendan once, which was more of a run/walk because we both were so sluggish and tired. But as always, I treasure every run with Brendan because he rarely says “yes” when I ask him to join me. But this time, IT WAS HIS IDEA.

ross and chandler excited

I did some half-assed lifting and PT exercises in my pajamas one day, but I’m not sure I can count that as a workout.

Ashley and I (REUNITED!!!) talked about running but, as I feel we do more often that not, convinced ourselves to go get beer and lunch instead. I’m lame and didn’t even take any photos of us together.

jennie ashley kara

So here’s a throwback from when her first baby was about 3 months old…AND NOW SHE HAS A SECOND!

Anywayyyy, before I start crying again…

Ever since we got back, I’ve had approximately zero ounces of motivation. I told myself I was going to jump right back into “healthy living” after an almost two week workout break (minus those random runs) because I felt (feel) so heavy and blah and unhealthy. I think there IS such a thing as too much wine, GASP. (I’ll regret saying that tomorrow.) But now, I’m lacking any sort of drive AT ALL. I wonder why…#2WeeksOfLaziness

This week I spent so much mental energy trying to convince myself to work out, searching for classes to take, until something snapped yesterday and I was like “you know what, Kara, maybe you should just do something else.”

…so I proceeded to watch SnapChats of other people’s workouts.

But basically, I just accepted that I didn’t feel like it and moved on with my life. Surprise surprise, life didn’t end. I decided to still be productive and started packing and organizing to prepare for our move (details below!) The thing is, I normally like working out. I swear. So when I have to spend this much energy just to put on my shoes, I usually just don’t. Good or bad? Who knows. But hopefully my motivation joins the party again soon.

Anyway, I did run 30 minutes one day this week, Garmin-free because I couldn’t bear to even peek at the paces…although based on how far I got, I think they were just about where I was when I left. SNAPS FOR ME.

Reese Witherspoon Legally Blonde Snap Cup

So, to recap this mess of a blog post, we’re back and I’m lazy and WE’RE MOVING! We got the magical little house (if you’re wondering, it’s rented, we didn’t buy it. Psh. Buy a house in LA…LOLOLOLOL). It’s fantastic but smaller, and the majority of our furniture won’t fit. So that’s fun. I’m excited to throw stuff away because I get a weird joy out of that. It’s kind of concerning how much I like to get rid of stuff. However, I married someone who is the opposite so I guess you could say that’s something we’re “working on”. #OnlyHalfJoking

Whatchu got goin’ on? What’s your favorite kind of run? Taking a trip this summer? Tell me all about it!