FlyWheel Class Review

Remember when I tried FlyBarre last week?

Last night, I decided to check out FlyWheel, an indoor cycling class at the same studio in Millburn, New Jersey. (They also have a ton of studios in NYC and throughout the country.)

I was in the mood for a serious sweat session after my long day, so I signed up for a 5:30pm class. I love that you can reserve a bike, view the status of a class, and manage your account all online. Technology for the win.

When I arrived, I checked in on a laptop in the lobby and grabbed the bike shoes that were in a cubby corresponding to my bike number. I was wondering how they magically knew my shoe size until I remembered I entered it online when I created my FlyWheel account. Genius.

So official. And appropriately sized for my abnormally small feet.

Here’s what I loved about the class:

  • The room was dark, making it easier to concentrate on my workout. I get distracted way too easily.
  • This particular instructor chose a variety of music that really pumped me up. Music plays a big part in my motivation levels in a class like this.
  • The instructor gave specific guidelines as to the effort we should be expending. I would stare at the little electronic torque and RPM screen (attached to each individual bike), thinking the lady was crazy and that there was no way I could push harder. But I did it anyway. (Your mind plays tricks on you – don’t listen!) “Never Coast”, as those FlyWheel-ers say.
  • Assume spinning class only works your legs? Wrong, my friend. Weighted bars were used during one song to incorporate arm exercises while riding. Never underestimate a four pound bar.
  • It wasn’t uncomfortably packed, but there were enough participants to raise the energy level.
  • The Torque Board (which, if you opt to participate, displays your stats in relation to others in the class) gave my competitive side a push. I’m not interested in seeing my name behind anyone else’s.
  • It was tough. I was sweaty. Perfection.

Honestly, I felt out of shape; not being able to run has obviously taken a toll on my cardiovascular fitness levels. I definitely needed this push to remember how a solid heart-pumping workout feels. Cross-training on my own just hasn’t done it for me; this would be a good way to stay strong and ensure my return to running is as seamless as possible.

FlyWheel Spinning Class in Millburn, NJ

I mean, honestly sometimes I feel too lazy to think about creating my own workout. I’m used to going outside and running. Yes, there are tons of variables and situations runners focus on: pace, mileage, speedwork, tempo runs, hills, weather, shoes, and form, among other things. But for some reason that all seems much simpler. Running is second nature to me.

high school cross country team

Me and running go way back. BFF4E. (Can you find me?!)

Preparing a unique, challenging workout and deciding what lifts need to be done, in what order, sometimes just seems like too much thinking.

4 years of thinking in college is enough, right?

Most days, I love coming up with fun workouts. But other times, on an early morning or after a long day, I just want to concentrate on working hard and have someone else worry about the details. I like having someone yell instructions at me while I spin my little heart out. And this time around? I felt more energized than I had all day.

Now I just need additional income to support this expensive hobby.

How do you feel about having your stats displayed to the entire class? Did you know they’re already putting Easter candy out in stores? WHAT IS THAT ABOUT. My post-Valentine’s Day candy hangover isn’t even gone yet.

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