A (2) Week Training Recap

OH HEY. I don’t have a clever way to start this post so I’m jumping right in.

I’m already focusing on pre-NYC Marathon training and maybe a little bit of trying-to-look-good-in-a-wedding-dress prep. I’ve had a great couple weeks of workouts, so here’s a mini recap, in case you like this kind of thing. I personally like to see how people start preparing for races and/or weddings and/or life so I figured I’d share the details on my informal training. There’s definitely not as much running as there should be, considering I have that little race to prepare for and all…but I still have 6+ months to go so for now I’m getting stronger through strength training and HIIT. The formal training will start soon. Okay? Okay.

new jersey beer

Overtraining is no fun. Drink more beer to counteract it. #lifefacts

Monday 4/6: 1 hour in a strength class (Fit On Studios, one of my new favorites) which included weight training, TRX, and about ten 50-meter running spurts.

Tuesday 4/7: 5 mile run, 9:55 per mile average. I barely remember this one.

Wednesday, 4/8: 1 hour in a class at Real Fitness, focused solely on strength stations. I like this class because you do three sets of 10 different strength exercises. In most classes you do one or two max, which I worry isn’t as effective. And they have SLEDS. My favorite.

Thursday, 4/9: 6.1 miles, 10:38 per mile average. SO SLUGGISH. I ran all around the marina in my town and started at beautiful scenery, so that helped. But I felt super tired and am pretty sure I walked during part of it.

marina del rey boats

Still don’t have any friends with boats. Still trying.

Friday, 4/10: 1 hour at another favorite studio, Poise. (Rachel is my favorite. Take her class if you live here!) This class included treadmill sprints and hills + full body strength and some HIIT. SO SWEATY. I’m guessing I ran about 2 miles but it’s hard to track because we get off and on constantly.

Saturday, 4/11: 2-hour hip-opening and backbends workshop at my yoga studio. I learned so much, including scorpion pose! Well, on the wall. Working on it.

scorpion pose

I don’t even know how this happened.

Sunday, 4/12: Run/walk with Bren! WOOHOO! We did a total of 5 miles, 3.3 of them running. So proud of him!

Monday, 4/13: Unexpected rest day – I had to work late. Looking at my week I guess I was due for some R&R, but I was in a groove and didn’t want to lose my momentum so I got super cranky. Sorry if you were in my path that day.

Tuesday, 4/14: 2.55 mile run. 10:23 per mile average. FELT AWFUL. Stomach hurt so I turned around early and called it a day. Didn’t even try to push through. Wasn’t happening.

Wednesday, 4/15: 1 hour in a TRX and slide board class + 4.5 mile progression run which felt AWESOME and perfectly paced. I’m so impressed with myself. I planned to start with a 10 minute/mile pace and drop 30 seconds each mile, which I did until the last mile. (Only 15 seconds faster but I gave it my all.) The last .5 was a cooldown.

progression run splits

Thursday, 4/16: NADA. Glorious rest.

Friday 4/17: Another hour at Poise doing treadmill and strength circuits. Love this place.

Saturday, 4/18: Pepperdine Coastal 10K. I signed up because the starting line was only a few miles from my house and I haven’t raced a 10K in a long time. It was a fairly small group of people – most participants opted for the 5K instead. (The 5K began at 8am and the 10K at 9am. I wish it was the opposite.) There was no shade so I was hot and cranky. I stuck around 9:25 for a couple miles, then to 9:38 when I felt like I was crashing…and then my JAM came on my iPod (some days I’m sick of it, some days I love it more than anything. Weird.) and I started thinking about the NYC Marathon and seeing my friends and crossing the finish line. That lasted a mile or so, in which I ran a 9:15. Thennnn I jumped back up to 9:39 and ended at 9:25. Also annoying, I wore sunglasses (I never wear sunglasses while running) and kept having to push them back up. Lame. I was so glad to be done.

pepperdine coastal 10k finish

finish coastal 10k


Gotta stop that Garmin, ya feel me?

Gotta stop that Garmin, ya feel me?

I’m a little anxious that I have to run a marathon at a faster average pace but let’s not talk about it right now.

Later that afternoon I went to another 2-hour workshop at my yoga studio in which I learned I suck at backbends AKA wheel pose. My instructor thinks my shoulders are so tight from all the swimming I did in the past couple years, but I literally haven’t been in a pool for months soooo who knows.

Sunday, 4/19: REST AGAIN. Went to the Clippers game with Brendan and drank beer and ate fries. Did a lot of snapchatting. (I’m @kararuns729! Find me!) Coolio was the halftime entertainment. Yes, GANGSTER’S PARADISE Coolio. Another great running jam. He sang and I sang and it was great.

Staples Center Clippers Game

Yeahhh we were really early.

AND THAT’S MY WEEK. Did you want to know all that? Probably not so hopefully you skipped to the bottom here. In other news, I spent this Monday morning watching the Boston Marathon and, as usual post-race-spectating, want to go run a million miles. However, I seem to have tweaked a glute muscle so I’ve been resting the past couple days and am upset. I was so focused on getting protein post-workout and recovering properly and then this happens. It’s getting better each day though so cross your fingers I can run soon. KTHANKSBYE.

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  1. April 24, 2015 / 1:23 pm

    Oh Kara, how I love to read your training and race recaps! I’m so pumped for you to run NYC and you will 100% get to the point where you run 26.2 miles at that faster pace. That’s what all that training ahead of you is for!!! Enjoy yoga and strength now! See you SOOOON! :)

    • May 5, 2015 / 11:10 pm

      Thank you for saying that! I’m so glad you like reading them :) ANDDDD thank you for the encouragement, as always! xo

  2. April 24, 2015 / 3:31 pm

    You are killing the pre-marathon training! You make me really want to take some yoga or other classes, I used to take a bootcamp-type class that had treadmill sprints and other stuff and I LOVED it.

    • May 5, 2015 / 11:10 pm

      Thank you – I’m certainly trying! Come take class with me anytime :)

  3. Beth
    May 6, 2015 / 5:43 pm

    I LOVE these posts so please keep writing them! I hope by now (I missed this post and I’m late to the game) your butt is feeling better and you’re running again. Also, you were 5th in your age group!?! WOOHOO!!!! Can’t wait to cheer for you come November when you WILL be able to run a faster pace for 26.2 miles.

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