That Time We Ran To In-N-Out Burger

I’ve been incredibly uninspired for blog post topics this week. Unfortunately for you I’m not one of those people who plans their blog posts for weeks in advance – although I’ve tried. I keep notes on my phone about random things to write about, and then they just turn into one long post about a bunch of unrelated things. Hence today’s post.

Running is still going well. I’ve been chugging along, doing whatever mileage I want each week without following any sort of plan. Knee is doing great (knock on wood). I’m going to sign up for a 5K THIS WEEK. I’m typing this out and giving myself a deadline so that you follow up with me and therefore I have no excuse to back out (and by “back out” I mean “get too lazy to find one and register”).

In other news, I’ve been loving track practice with the kids. More than I thought I would. I love their little hugs and that they get excited to see me. (Well, at least a couple of them.) Here are the updates from yesterday, when we ran with 25 elementary school students to In-N-Out Burger (and walked back, of course):

-The range of emotions you feel when taking 25+ kids to In-N-Out Burger can only be described in gifs from my favorite childhood movie, Hocus Pocus:

I suggest we form a calming circle hocus pocus gif

When we realized what we had gotten ourselves into.


this is terribly uncomfortable hocus pocus gif

When people angrily got in line behind our huge group.


hocus pocus i want a child gif

Things I wasn’t thinking.


hocus pocus ice on head gif

An example of the cryptic ways kids ask for things. “I’ll take that one thing with that one sauce on top.” “I’ll take that cold stuff in a cup.”


hocus pocus i am calm gif

When a million kids were swarming the counter waiting for their numbers to be called out and then not grabbing their food when their number was called out.


hocus pocus gif

When the last kid left.

-On the walk home, one kid said, and I quote: “It literally only takes your body 6 minutes to digest food. So when parents say you can’t swim for 30 minutes after eating, it’s only because they’re not done eating yet and they want to be lazy instead of watch you in the pool.” Prooooobably true.

-We were talking about Mother’s Day and I asked one little girl if she knows what a florist is. She said “A person who makes floors?”. It was just about the cutest thing I’ve ever heard. Or at least this week.

-In other news, one kid told another group of kids to “F off” except he didn’t use “F” if you know what I mean. Sounds like someone needs their mouth washed out with soap, right mom?

Other than those exciting times, I’ve been in a cycle of wake up, work, work out, then cook. And by “cook” I mean that I’m usually Brendan’s “sous chef” which is a cute way of saying I get out the pans, chop things, stir things, and set the table.

AKA nothing highly important.

If you’re wondering, the recent highlight in my cooking life is my fancy new garlic chopper…which I recently learned is actually just a FOOD chopper. This is potentially why I couldn’t find any when searching “garlic chopper” on Amazon.

On that note, I really do think the best things (not including humans, of course) in life are garlic and olive oil. And wine of course. And probably bread. Funny how all my favorite things are foods. BUT THAT’S NEITHER HERE NOR THERE. Whatever that means.

Nailed it.

I love funny kid stories. Whatdya got? And what are your favorite things foods in life?


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