Mini Vacation & Fitness Friendly Cities

It’s a beautiful Monday! How are you all? Good? Recovered from the weekend yet? Great.

I spent my weekend in Kansas. Someone in Northeast Kansas actually won a shared portion of that huge Mega Millions jackpot. Basically that means it could have been me (if I hadn’t dropped the ball; I did NOT buy a ticket in KS). Dang it…how could I let my millionaire status slip from my fingers?

I spent my quick, 27 hour weekend at my alma mater, seeing old friends and cheering on my Jayhawks. No less than 16 times did I proclaim “I can’t believe I’m here! I’m so happy!”. It’s an indescribable feeling to revisit Lawrence and to be surrounded by the tradition and spirit I remember so well.

Beware of The Phog!

The Kansas River... the "Kaw" if you so choose.

I also did some celebrating of the Jayhawks’ win over THE Ohio State University.

You can't see much here. I'm very short. To recap: it was a lot of screaming, jumping, high-fiving and Rock Chalking.

I love a good high-five. The last time I gave as many as I did this weekend was in 2008 when we won the National Championship. I feel extremely lucky to have been a part of two of final four celebrations. (And a championship, too!) There were no less than 1 million police officers out there on Massachusetts Street (“Mass Street”) and each of every one of them was throwing out complementary high fives and enjoying the celebration…all the while keeping us safe of course. There were no horrible incidents like burning couches or anything crazy like that. No pepper spray needed. Us Jayhawks are a reserved rowdy but respectful group of people.

After a very college-ish night, my BFF Monica and I went back to Kansas City and had a perfect day of breakfast, sun, and walking through the Plaza. KC is such a walkable city with lots of parks, trails, and options for recreation like tennis and basketball courts…one of many reasons I love it so much. So many options for fitness!

Want to take a tour? I thought you’d never ask!

This is the "Plaza", mainly shopping, restaurants, entertainment and residential. Downtown KC is not far from here.

The Plaza is comprised of mainly Spanish architecture. So beautiful and unique!

KC is home to lots of pretty fountains. In fact, it is known as The City of Fountains! My old apartment is on the left. Ahh nostalgia.

But now, for the best part:


My favorite trail - each loop is 1.2 miles. Great for tempo runs!

Yes, it’s MINE. But I’ll share.

This is even better…look what they’ve added since I visited last:


There’s now 4 or 5 stations with different exercise equipment along the trail. Do you see the elliptical in the corner? How cool is that! They also have a squat machine, recumbent bike, back hyperextention, leg abductor and adductor machines, stair stepper,etc… Obviously you can’t change the weight or resistance so for experienced exercisers it might not be the best option for building strength, but it’s a unique, interesting way to get moving. Body weight exercises are especially fun and simple for people new to exercise; these machines provide the structure and teach the proper way to complete the movement. Most of the equipment is even designed for two people to use at once (but is absolutely still useable by one person if you’re flying solo).

Sweating together is fun!

It was H-O-T out. We were definitely sweating.

After we finished a few loops, we proceeded to take pictures with camels. Normal day.

And swans.

All in a days work.

Where’s your absolute favorite running trail? Do you live in a city that is very fitness friendly like Kansas CIty? (I love how walkable it is!) What type of outdoor fitness options do you have near you? How was your weekend?

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  1. April 3, 2012 / 1:04 pm

    Sorry about your team! But at least they made it to the championship. I never knew Kansas City was so cool! Looks like a beautiful place, and your old apartment must have had an amazing view. We used to live in Minneapolis and I loved running around the lakes – it was so beautiful and peaceful!

    • April 3, 2012 / 5:02 pm

      Thanks! I’m very happy with our season so I’m okay :) But yes, KC is great! Unfortunately my old apartment had a lovely view of the brick building next door, but we did have sweet rooftop. I have a good friend in Minneapolis, I’m trying to plan a trip to visit, it sounds fab!

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