A Few Good Runs

I feel like it’s about time I start talking about running again.

culver city running

Remember when I actually ran?

I know what you’re thinking…ON A RUNNING BLOG?! What a novel idea!

It’s been TOO LONG since I’ve been able to recap races and runs and general running things because, well, I haven’t really been running more than once a week (twice if I’m lucky).

BUT…my doctor’s appointment is finally, FINALLY this week and I’m looking forward to hopefully getting this weird pain figured out and moving forward. I’m crossing my fingers that with a little physical therapy I’ll be healed. (I swear I get this same injury once a year. Obviously it’s my own fault but WHAT AM I DOING?!)

AND THEN…maybe I’ll be able to slowly, safely bump up my mileage to get to an easy 13.1 miles. Because I somehow, miraculously was chosen in the lottery for the NYC Half this March. Even though in the back of my head I’m hoping I’ll be at the starting line healthy that day, I know there’s a chance I just won’t be ready and I accept that. I’m just taking it one day at a time. I’ve been running as much as feels right and I’ve had a couple awesome, pain-free runs over the past week, so hopefully I’ll continue improving with the help of some professionals. (I have to note, my pain isn’t some crazy kind of intense pain that leaves me writhing in pain. It’s just this annoying twinge that pops up randomly, so I’m taking it easy and “listening to my body” on daily basis. If it was bad, I’d certainly stop running altogether! I’ve learned the hard way that pushing through pain is a horrible idea.)

DON'T WORRY THIS IS AN OLD PHOTO FROM 2013. I know you were concerned.

DON’T WORRY THIS IS AN OLD PHOTO FROM 2013. I know you were concerned.

So, let me back up. I actually started an Advocare 24-Day Challenge a week and a half ago. One of my friends sells their products and I felt like I needed a re-start (VERY BADLY). I’m normally not on board with things like “cleanses” and I try to always get the vitamins I need from food, but I had a feeling I wasn’t getting what my body needed. I didn’t feel as good as I thought I should. After researching, I was extra interested in the idea of this program and impressed that a lot of their products are endorsed by athletes. (Orrrr perhaps I’m just a victim of good marketing.) Plus, this challenge just encourages healthy eating with no true restrictions (although there’s a few things I’ve been avoiding of course). Anyway, I was like, “sure I’ll give up wine for a bit and take some vitamins, how hard could it be?”

I love wine.

I love wine, so it is HARD.

I was skeptical going into it, but I read all the ingredients and felt it was safe and worth a shot. It’s probably just in my head, but after a few days I felt so much better. I had two of the best runs I’ve had in months. They felt easy and fun. I felt energized and strong and happy and healthy. One sunset 4-miler:

4 miler

Hello, sunset.

Wel helloooo pink sky.

…and one Saturday morning 5-miler:

Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 8.19.51 PM

(Look at alllll that elevation gain!)

playa del rey beach running path

Most importantly, they were pain-free! Each made me miss running even more.

Is it the vitamins? Healthier eating? Who knows. I ran 3.1 miles on Monday and once again felt some of those similar nagging IT band pains, so I’m not sure what the deal is. I’ll fill y’all in after my doctor’s appointment!

marina del rey boats

I mean, how can you not stop in the middle of a run to take a photo of this?

How’s your 2016 going so far?

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  1. January 25, 2016 / 7:28 pm

    Gorgeous photos!!

    I’m happy you’re back to running and hope you can continue pain-free now!

    PS the NYC Half is still one of my FAVOURITE runs!!!

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