If We Were Having Coffee, V. 3

Happy holidayyyyys. (Sing that like Andy Williams, please.) Even though I say the Backstreet Boys were my first concert (which, yes, I did CAMP OUT for tickets, thanks Mom for your support and for carrying the sleeping bags), I’m pretty sure Andy Williams was actually my first concert. I was 5 years old or so and I very vividly remember him inviting all the kids up to the stage for a song but I was too scared to go. AND THEN all the kids got this bucket with crayons and coloring books as a present and I was envious.

My first lesson on why fear shouldn’t stop you from doing things.

Anywhoooo, I’ve found my iPhone notepad littered with a bunch of random things I’ve been meaning to share with y’all, so I’m taking the easy way out and doing my next version of “If we were having coffee…”

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you…

-I’m running the NYC Half in March! Since I deferred my entry last year, I’m in for 2017. All of a sudden we’re 14 weeks away; it totally snuck up on me. I’m leaving speedwork out for now because, while I’ve been doing lots of other fitness-y things, I found it hard to motivate myself to run much for the past few weeks. Since my heart hasn’t been in it to keep my base from LA Half training, I’m letting go of my ego and any time goals and am just following a regular ol’ plan from my pal Hal Higdon. I’m using the basis of his HM3 plan, but editing it to give myself some longer long runs and more substantial cross training. (My apparent inability to train properly is frustrating, but I still have hope for the future.)

I’ve watched one too many Hallmark Christmas movies this month where the girl has to relive 12 Christmas days over and over until she softens up, learns her lesson and the guy falls in love with her. (Why is it always to get a guy?) It always starts with bitchy girl who works in New York City and has a lawyer job or something that requires her to work long hours, and everyone in her home town is all “WTF Katie, your handsome high school boyfriend Tom is waiting for you if you quit working so hard and move back home.”

why are you the way that you are michael scott the office gif

With each repeated day the girl relives, she starts noticing what she didn’t before, like the kid whose bike tire went flat and needs her tire inflation expertise or the dude who can’t figure out how to hang Christmas lights and needs some words of motivation. Even though it pisses me off that everyone seems to be trying to make Katie more mediocre and less of a hard worker, I appreciate the lesson that there’s room for growth and you can cultivate kindness and patience even on your worst days. The abundance of these movies has forced me to start thinking about being a nicer, more present, less grumpy person. (Which I feel I have been lately.) I guess the universe forced me to relive the same movies over and over until I learned my lesson. (Side note: I’m partial to 12 Dates of Christmas starring Amy Smart. DON’T TELL ME YOU DON’T LIKE THAT ONE.)

We’re heading home for the holidays! Planning our flights was stressful and so expensive we could have planned a lavish Hawaiian honeymoon (still haven’t had one), but we made it work that we can visit both of our families this month and it’s totally worth it to spend time with our loved ones. It involves a lot of different airports but with a lot of time spent on Kayak.com and some hotel points from my Dad (THANKS DAD), we made an Iowa to Chicago to New York trip happen. Wish us luck, both while flying and surviving the frozen tundras of the states east of California.

animals in the snow gif


-My friend gave me a jar of capers as a gift and it made my day.

overly excited the office gif

I know what you’re thinking…

In passing, I mentioned I’ve been trying to replicate the avocado toast with lox from a local restaurant, but it’s never the same because I don’t have capers and can never find them at the store. SHE BOUGHT ME CAPERS AND NOW MY LUNCH EXPERIENCE IS ELEVATED TO THE NEXT LEVEL. As I discussed in my gift experience post, when you listen, it’s easy to discover thoughtful gifts that people normally wouldn’t buy for themselves but can totally brighten their day. It’s the little things, friends.

-On a more somber note, I’m having a really hard time processing the information on Aleppo and the conflict in Syria. I’m not sure what I can do besides share and encourage the understanding of those around me on something I embarrassingly knew basically nothing about until this week. This link explains what’s happening in Aleppo (from October), and this one recaps what’s happening now.

After reading this article on how to help people in Aleppo, I donated to the White Helmets and Hand in Hand for Syria. If I find anything else I’ll share.

Your turn: What’s going on with you this week?




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