My Foolproof Method For Starting To Run

I run. I write about running. I talk about running. The one thing people ask me most often is, “girlllllll how you love running so much?” Except usually they speak with proper english and without the long, drawling “girlllllll” at the beginning…that’s just how I hear it in my head.

Are you debating starting to run? You can wait until you have the perfect shoes, until hair-washing day, until it’s precisely 72 degrees and sunny, or you can use my tested approach that comes with a 100% success rate*.

*Data accuracy not confirmed.  

The let-go-of-all-logic-and-just-do-it method. ‘Cause you know what sucks? Knowing you should do something but feeling like you can’t or don’t know how.

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So, how do you take this approach? Basically, you let go of all logic and just do it. Stop the madness of internal resistance and quit thinking so hard about it. (I guess, with that logic, I should stop writing this post now and send you on your way, but lucky you I do have some step-by-step instructions.)

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  1. Put on any kind of clothing and any brand of shoes. Or not. Barefoot is a “thing” too, although I don’t recommend it. (Shoes optional, clothing not optional. Just so we’re clear.)
  2. Step outside.
  3. Realize you don’t have a spot to put your house key and awkwardly tie it through your shoelaces. (Or just get a Sprigs Banjees now! This is not an ad even though it sounds like one! I’m just obsessed.)
  4. Run about as fast as your 3 year old niece chasing an ice cream truck. (Do ice cream trucks still exist?)
  5. As soon as you feel tired, stop.
  6. Walk back home.

Disclaimer: The “stop when you’re tired” step won’t always be applicable. If you always stop when you’re tired, you’ll never get stronger.

If you’re feeling particularly grumpy about running, follow these rules the next time you’re about to take a shower…which hopefully will occur within 24 hours from any given point in time. For whatever reason, washing my hair is my biggest deterrent to any sort of workout session, I KNOW HOW RIDICULOUS IT SOUNDS BUT IT’S TRUE. So when you’re about to turn that water on, let go of all reasoning and get your booty out the door for just a few minutes. You were going to wash your hair anyway.

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If you decide you officially hate running while in any of the following situations, your argument is invalid and you must try again:

It’s hotter than 80 degrees.

You’re running up a hill.

Someone in spandex and sunglasses speeds past you.

Anyone speeds past you.

You read or hear about someone else’s paces and they’re faster than yours. 

You’re in the midst of the overwhelming task of running shoe shopping. 

To recap: Stop thinking. No more reasoning with yourself about why it’s a bad idea or why you’ll do it later. Abandon all logic. Just do it.

Hair washing: Does it give you as many problems as it gives me?

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