Weekend Fun + NJ Sharing Network 5K

This weekend was so phenomenal that it made today (Monday) even worse than usual. And it’s only 3PM.

I had to work on Saturday morning, but thankfully “work” just meant attending an open water swim for TNT’s NYC Tri team. And by “attend” I mean sit on the beach at Coney Island and prove we have a permit to be there if anyone asked.

If I have to wake up at 6AM to work on a weekend, I will do it. If it's on a beach.

If I have to wake up at 6AM to work on a weekend, I will do it. Disclaimer: Only if it’s on a beach.

By the time the group finished their workout it was about 10AM. I decided to do my long run there on the boardwalk since the beach > New Jersey roads. However, it was HOT out, my foot has been feeling a little iffy, for some random reason I very quickly got a million little blisters on my toes (maybe from sand in my shoes?) and overall I was just NOT feeling it. I ran 5 miles, chatted with some old Ironman friends who were there as well, drank a frozen lemonade (heaven) and called it a day.

Um...running? Can I get a pretzel and a beer instead?

Um…running? Can I go get a pretzel and beer instead?

But not before I took a photo of this ridiculous roller coaster. You could not pay me to ride this or any roller coaster.

Everyone seems to go to Coney Island for the rides. You could not pay me to ride this or any other roller coaster. Ever.

Coincidentally, when I got home the new running shoes I ordered a couple days earlier had arrived! I’m so grateful I’ve finally found a pair of shoes that work for me (Asics Gel Cumulus 15) and that I can now order the same pair online without jumping through all the hoops that are involved when running-shoe-searching. Thank goodness I found these discounted on TriVillage.com, because normally they’re well over $100. And I have zero dollars.

Well what do we have here!

Don’t look at our dirty door.

Needed these babies so badly! My old shoes were starting to feel like bricks.

 So thrilled I found a different color this time around. I think they need neon yellow shoelaces though.

On Sunday, Brendan dragged me out of bed so I could run a local race: the New Jersey Sharing Network 5K. I was really slow to wake up that morning and a little concerned I wouldn’t make it to the starting line in time, but somehow I did. I ended up running with Ashley and another friend Stephanie while Brendan, Ashley’s husband, and baby Jennie cheered us all on.

Blatantly stole this collage from Ashley.

Blatantly stole this collage from Ashley.

According to Ashley’s watch (I forgot mine in the midst of rushing around) we ran a 29: 13, or 9:25/mile pace. Although it felt humid, it was an easy run (fairly flat with just a couple very small hills) with lots of chatting and laughing – the best kind. After the 5K (and bagels and iced coffee with the whole crew) Brendan and I decided to go on a bike ride to continue enjoying the great outdoors…seeing as for 8 hours every Monday through Friday I only enjoy the harsh glow from florescent lights and a computer screen. (Like right now. Sigh.) As we were riding along I turned into the driveway of a local school to see if maybe just maybe they had a hidden track somewhere. You never know. I spotted a playground and immediately threw my bike down and challenged Brendan to a game of tetherball. We ended up playing at least 5 games. Well, “games” might be a bit of a stretch, seeing as neither Brendan nor I really knew the real rules. We could NOT stop laughing the entire time, though. Brendan is a solid foot taller than me and I was putting every last ounce of effort into my attempts to beat him, while simultaneously gasping for air while laughing. Alas, I didn’t win once. My right arm is actually sore. Although the soreness may actually have come from the monkey bars or the pull ups we proceeded to do. I swear, this playground was the best little venue for outdoor fitness that you could imagine. (P.S. I have a workout for that!)

I curse the moment I decided not to bring my phone, because photos of this would have been so entertaining.

Instead, here's a photo of Brendan with his new beard. And a New Jersey pint glass that I was strangely excited about.

Instead, here’s a photo of Brendan with his new beard. And a New Jersey pint glass that I was strangely excited about.

Now we’re back to Monday and on to my next full week of training. Tonight = much needed yoga. What’s on your schedule this week? Also, are you a roller coaster fan? 

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  1. June 9, 2014 / 8:48 pm

    Tether Ball is one amazing game. My husband and I once once booted out our two kids so we could play “respectfully” against each other. By respectfully I mean we could actually compete without the use of swear words, while hoping our young children were watching themselves. :) Looks like a great weekend Kara! Also packages are always a welcomed gift.

    • June 11, 2014 / 4:57 pm

      Hahaha I’m pretty sure we’ll be going back often to play a “respectful” game or two or five!

  2. June 9, 2014 / 9:19 pm

    I LOVE your playground workout! I’m at the park, every night, with my son and like to try and do the monkey bars and tricep dips on the bench while we play haha! I’ll have to copy your workout tonight and see how it goes! THANKS! :)

    • June 11, 2014 / 4:57 pm

      Thank you! So glad you like it. Let me know how it goes :)

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