Reebok FitHub Studio City Opening

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I’m always keeping my eye out for fun events in Los Angeles, so when I received an invitation to celebrate the grand opening of the Reebok FitHub in Studio City (with a yoga class and breakfast!) I jumped at the chance.

The back story: Reebok has been opening a lot of FitHubs lately, where they not only sell gear but host fitness classes and offer a sense of community. I love the idea of having a local place to meet like-minded people AND get some functional workout gear. They’re committed to helping consumers fulfill their potential and be “fit for life.” Awesome.

So, last Tuesday I headed over to Studio City and got there early enough to walk around and explore the town. I loved the quaint little neighborhoods right behind the Reebok store. I would love to come back and run here!

Studio City California


Reebok had kindly sent me some shoes to try out, so I wore them around as I was exploring and LOVED them. They’re super comfy and light: they only weigh 5 ounces! We were told the shoe is “crafted borrowing the materials and soft molding process used to create lingerie.” Whatttt?! So crazy. But I love it. I also appreciate that they look cute with regular clothes and workout clothes.

They remind me of those cute Keds that people used to wear in the 90s that are cool again.

They remind me of those cute Keds that people used to wear in the 90s. And are fashionable again, of course.

Reebok FitHub Studio City

So colorful!

Reebok Yoga Mat

Need this.

Did I mention Haylie Duff was there too?!

Did I mention Haylie Duff was there too? I want her hair. (Photo by John Sciulli/Getty Images for Reebok)

Anyway, after a brief welcome, yogi Tara Stiles began teaching class. It was about 30 minutes long and included a few inversions, which I really enjoy working on. I got into headstand and felt like a badass. (It’s the little things, people.) Tara’s so giggly and fun and I really like her energy!

Haylie Duff And Tara Stiles Host Yoga Event At New Reebok FitHub In Studio City

Photo by John Sciulli/Getty Images for Reebok

Haylie Duff And Tara Stiles Host Yoga Event At New Reebok FitHub In Studio City

Photo by John Sciulli/Getty Images for Reebok

Before I left I chatted with Tara and somehow started blabbering on about how I used to start stuff on fire while cooking fairly often. I think because we were talking about her new book, which is full of recipes, yoga poses, and tips for healthy living…but I’m never really sure how I start talking about random crap. She was still so sweet.

yoga with tara stiles

Annnnnd I’m pretty sure she thinks I’m a psycho.

ANYWAY. The clothes. My favorite part. In the past, Reebok never really came to mind when looking for yoga clothes, but I’m really loving their new patterns. They’re soft, comfortable and the waist on the pants is high so they don’t slip.

I love love love that the tanks offer room to breathe. Just as much as I hate pants with a low waist, I hate when tank tops are too short. They also have a sports bra with the cloud print. I should totally wear all three pieces together. (No I shouldn’t.)

All in all, I’m excited that I’ve been introduced to some fun new workout gear and a new place to visit for workouts.

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