Random Thoughts + A Malibu Hike

Every blogger deserves the chance to write a post of completely random crap because they don’t know what else to write about…right?

Well, regardless, here’s mine. Random thoughts. December edition.

  • I’m so much better at yoga at night. When I go in the mornings I feel sluggish and weak. When I go in the afternoon/evening I feel so much stronger. What’s the deal? I’ve always been a night workout-er (yes that’s the scientific term) and I notice that for most types of exercise, I’m not as energetic/fast/strong in the morning. Is that mental? What the heck. And I GET SO MUCH SLEEP. So that’s not it. (Maybe I get too much…)
chandler pushup gif

This is me in the morning.

  • I’m so excited every time it rains in California. Like, SO excited. It’s ridiculous and embarrassing. I just love when there’s a change in weather. Brendan and I are debating going to the CA mountains for Christmas since we can’t leave but want to see snow. Seriously, what has happened to me? I hate winter so much. It would make me legitimately angry back in NYC. But now I’m searching it out. I’m the most prime example in all the land of someone who wants what she can’t have. On that note, you must watch this. I’m crying laughing because it’s so true.

  • Why is my computer’s flash player out of date EVERY OTHER DAY. I just want to watch videos. And I don’t want to update because then I have to restart my computer and close out the 50 million tabs I have open for very important reasons. (<—lies.) I’m on my computer but literally just sent that Jimmy Kimmel link to my phone so I could watch it.
  • I’m actually enjoying wedding planning right now. The most stressful things are done with (well, most of them). I’m loving that for this very short period in my life, I can shamelessly pin wedding things on my Pinterest board and read bridal magazines and daydream about walking down the aisle. (I KNOW I KNOW I’M CHEESY.) After these last 6 months (OMG) are over, I’ll never be able to do this and have this feeling again…which is a little sad. But I get a pretty cool husband out of it so I guess that’s good. (KIDDING BRENDAN IT’S THE BEST THING EVER!!)
  • This year will be my first Christmas ever without my family. It SUCKS. But I’m excited for Brendan and I to start some new traditions.
  • On that note, it’s like $200 cheaper to fly from LA to NYC than from LA to Iowa. That does not make sense.
  • We finally had some time off to be spontaneous so Brendan and I went to Malibu to see an alleged waterfall, Escondido Falls. The drive along the Pacific Coast Highway was gorgeous. Minus the time we got lost on the wrong mountain and couldn’t find anywhere to turn around. The waterfall wasn’t as majestic as I pictured (umm not really any water that day) but we had so much fun. We “hiked” (AKA walked on a trail) for about 3.5 miles total and then went and ate guacamole and tacos and watched the Jets WIN.
escondido falls hike malibu california

See those random red and green lines in the lower left corner?! CHRISTMAS MIRACLE?!

escondido falls hike malibu california

We hiked all the way up to the top! (No we didn’t.)

escondido falls hike malibu california

It looks like my trail in New Jersey! I maybe pretended I was back there.

escondido falls hike malibu california

“Waterfall”. I guess you have to go immediately after it rains.

escondido falls hike malibu california

We ate peanut butter sandwiches on a rock and it was perfect.

escondido falls hike malibu california


escondido falls hike malibu california

I didn’t want to ask anyone to take our photo so we put my phone in a tree, took a video and screenshotted it. (Yes, this is the best we got.) #LIFEHACKS

That’s everything in my brain right now.

Whatchu up to? 



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  1. December 17, 2014 / 8:28 pm

    Flight prices are crazy! I think supply and demand has a lot more to do with it and flying into big airports can be a lot cheaper even if it’s further away? Also the number of airlines at an airport seems to affect it too.

    Starting new Christmas traditions and being in a new city at the holidays can be fun. I hope you and Brendan find some neat things to do since you’re away from your family.

    I haven’t done yoga in forever, but when I did, I went in the afternoon/evening because it seemed to help me sleep better. I am thinking about trying an evening class tomorrow, but I always felt relaxed afterwards and wouldn’t want to do it in the morning when I would want to exercise and have more energy.

  2. William Rogers
    December 17, 2014 / 9:12 pm

    I was hoping to see the water in the waterfall /facepalm. When you said you sat on a rock and ate a peanut butter sandwich all I could think of was Forrest Gump saying ” there never is enough rawks ”

    Thanks for the read = )

  3. December 17, 2014 / 9:59 pm

    I miss you. And I want to do yoga and hike to see “waterfalls” with you! P.S. Do you not have the selfie timer on your phone?! I do that all the time to get pics!

  4. December 18, 2014 / 5:00 pm

    Whenever it’s miserable and snowing out here in NY I just pop over to your blog and see beautiful sunny photos and dream about living in LA! Or anywhere that doesn’t have snowbankds. I’m jealous of all this. And WOW watch yourself with that Artic chill 😉

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