I Did Yoga + People Who Accidentally Become Jerks To Pregnant Women

Did you come back even after my “Why I Disappeared” post? I don’t know why I made the title so dramatic. I’m a little embarrassed that’s what I chose. “Life Updates” probably would have been less weird but I’m not always in sound mind these days. (When people talk about pregnancy hormones they’re not kidding. I feel like that creepy kid in The Exorcist whose head spins around in circles.)

ANYWHO, I have some extremely exciting news to report. I took a yoga class yesterday! My first since January. (!!!)

yoga in runyon canyon

Remember when I could actually do yoga things? On mountains?

It was one hour of extremely gentle yoga and we did zero planks, zero vinyasas and one down dog that lasted maybe 10 seconds, but I left feeling like I was on a runners high. I’m literally sore today.

After dealing with hyperemesis in this pregnancy and being unable to exercise for months, I was very afraid my muscles would crumble under my weight or I’d throw up or pass out or all of the above. BUT I DIDN’T.

I felt empowered and surprised at my mental strength, which has been pretty much non-existent lately.

I left feeling lighter and less afraid and I hope I can continue upping my workouts a bit. When a couple months ago I thought I would NEVER feel better again (and seriously believed this), this is a huge victory for me in this pregnancy.

I was told there would be glowing meme

Finally a hint of yoga glow!

In other news, I’d like to discuss the phenomenon that is people becoming jerks to pregnant women. Before I go on, I have to say there are many supportive people out there and for that I am grateful. (I’m overwhelmed by all the love on my Instagram post, thank you!)

I don’t think people are purposefully rude. They usually aren’t actually jerks, they just say jerk-y things. For some reason, these comments come out of their mouths, disguised as concern but are really just unhelpful, offensive and hurtful (to sensitive, hormonal pregnant women). As Ashley said to me “they just can’t help it”.

Chris Christie Even In New Jersey

There seems to be a sense of judgement of the littlest things we do and a level of random concern that makes you wonder if they got through med school in record time and suddenly became an obstetrician without you realizing. (By the way, I know I’m no angel, I’m sure I’ve said completely inappropriate things to pregnant friends and for that I AM SORRY PLEASE FORGIVE ME!)


Oftentimes, phrases start with “should you be…”. As In “should you be eating/drinking/doing/talking about/listening to/touching/looking at that?”

I will demonstrate.

Me: I’m so happy, it’s finally beautiful outside and I got out for a long walk! I even ran for 30 glorious seconds!

Them: Should you be doing that? Take it easy! YOU’RE PUTTING YOUR BABY AT RISK.

There’s also the “just wait” phrase.

Me: I’m so tired today.

Them: JUST WAIT until the baby comes. You won’t sleep EVER AGAIN. HAHAHA.

And the “but…” phrases.

Me: Water and leafy green vegetables make me vomit immediately.

Them: But you have to stay hydrated and eat healthy FOR THE BABY.

Thoughts of my baby and her health (and my health) are all-consuming, day in and day out. My Google history is a hilarious and questionable stream of “can I (insert random food or activity) when pregnant” and “what does it mean when (usually something totally gross or totally unremarkable)…”. I haven’t forgotten I’m growing a delicate human and I’ve already considered the fact that raising a child comes with stress and sleepless nights. I’ve also learned that the baby is generally pretty safe in there and with all the testing pregnant women go through, my doctor will probably tell me if something is wrong.

I don’t actually take these comments to heart and I know they’re generally out of love (minus the random strangers that offer advice), but my point: there’s a very fine line between being supportive by sharing genuine concern and honesty based on your own experiences…and making comments that leave the person on the receiving end feeling worse. Or annoyed.

My other point: Don’t mess with pregnant women.

hormones and no alcohol meme

Love youuuuu.

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  1. Janine
    June 9, 2017 / 9:45 pm

    My sister-in-law and friend are also going through this. Some nut asked my sister-in-law if she was having a girl because “she was puffy.” Just keep your comments to yourselves people. When they start sharing birthing horror stories tell them hush, you don’t need to know.

    • June 10, 2017 / 1:05 pm

      Ugh yes the scary birth stories!! And the scary stories in general. Please stop trying to scare me, people. Haha. I hated when random people would say “you’re having a boy/girl”, too. I’m obviously very cranky :)

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