Leaving California

Friends, I’m having a little writer’s block. I don’t want to write about pregnancy all the time, and with my limited workout schedule (and absolutely zero running), I’m struggling with what to share with you!



The good news: I can finally say I feel pretty good. My “new normal”, I guess you could say, because no matter what you say, when you have an ear-of-corn sized human in your uterus, you just don’t feel “normal” like you used to for the past 30 years of your life.

I DID take a TRX class this week! I’ve been so nervous about signing up for classes I haven’t been to because I’m just not sure what my body will do in a workout these days after taking so much time off (and you know, growing a human)…but I really wanted to get out and get a little more motivation. I saw this beginner TRX option at a local studio and even though I’ve done plenty of TRX classes in the past, I feel better about beginner options right now because I think they’ll be less intense. (It’s been so hard to find prenatal classes! If anyone has any recommendations in the Morristown/Summit, NJ area, please holler!)

I was the only one who showed up for class (hello, 10:30AM Tuesday classes!) so I basically got a personalized lesson, complete with all the prenatal modifications I could ever want. It felt SO GOOD to sweat and work hard, and the instructor was really caring. (And I loved feeling sore afterwards!) Sadly the studio is closing next week so I’m back on the hunt for good options.

I guess I can tell you about our move to New Jersey! I sort of neglected telling anyone about it because I was too sick to function.

In February Brendan got a job offer here in NJ. We really weren’t ready to leave California quite yet. Brendan LOVED his job there and we had such a great quality of life and some very wonderful friends who we never wanted to leave. But we had JUST found out I was pregnant and it seemed like perfect timing because we have a lot of family here on the east coast. It was too good of an offer to turn down, so we decided to go for it.

About a month later we drove up the coast to Northern California as a last hurrah before we moved. It was tough because I was feeling pretty horrible 24/7, but I was at least able to take my mind off it all a little bit more than when I was laying in bed all day. Brendan surprised me by renting a convertible and the fresh air and sunshine definitely helped!

hurst castle, california tourist attractions

Stopped for a little sight-seeing at Hurst Castle!

Hurst Castle Views

I’m more of a “tiny house” person, but I’ll take my tiny house on this cliff, please and thank you.

Pacific Coast Highway California

Even though Big Sur was washed out from all the rain (the bridges were down so we couldn’t drive the coast the entire way) we ended up with these incredible views instead!

redwood forest california

We made it as far as the Redwood Forest and visited this guy, the “Father of the Forest”. (Not Brendan, the tree. LOLZ.)

Beautiful Santa Barbara. I cried in public while we were sitting here because I felt so sick and sad. Instead of exploring we watched Sully in our hotel room and went to bed at like 8PM. SORRY BRENDAN.

Beautiful Santa Barbara. I cried in public while we were sitting here because I felt so sick and sad about it. Instead of exploring we watched Sully in our hotel room and went to bed at 8PM. SORRY BRENDAN.

Now that we’ve been gone a couple months I’m missing California and our lifestyle there. I’m happy to be back with family and friends from here, but I can’t lie…I miss those drives along the beach, the perfect weather, the hiking, and of course the incredible friends we made. We had such a high quality of life where we lived! (Our little town was a hidden gem of a neighborhood in LA’s South Bay called El Segundo, walking distance from the beach and so home-y and perfect!)

El Segundo, CA

I also miss our little neighborhood lemon tree.

I’m mad at myself because when I was there, I missed NJ. Now I’m in NJ and I miss California. WHY CAN’T I JUST BE SATISFIED?!

So, that’s about it for our second cross-country move in less than 3 years. I’m pretty certain our baby girl will turn 10 and be pretty mad we left California and the land of perfect weather before she was born. Hopefully pizza and bacon-egg-and-cheeses can make up for that?

Who wants to plan a trip to LA in January with me? Not sure I can handle winter anymore.

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