If We Were Having Coffee…

Looking back on my past few posts, things have been pretty serious around the ol’ blog lately! Pregnancy has been tough for me mentally, especially with the move and being unemployed…so I want to get back into the fun, fitness-y stuff here! I’m bringing back an old favorite:

if we were having coffee

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you…

My workouts in pregnancy have been low-key. Theres not much to them, but I’m thankful to be able to move. Running even a minute or two just doesn’t feel right so I’ve been avoiding running and all high impact activity. What I AM loving is swimming – it needs no modifications and people aren’t staring at my belly. I found an outdoor pool so that helps a ton with boredom for whatever reason – being outside feels so much better. I feel great in the pool; I know I have more in me…I just get BORED! That’s always been my issue with swimming (ehh along with hating cold water and the annoying, slightly time-consuming process of changing out of a swimsuit before I get into my car… WAHHH poor me). The other day I finally made an actual workout (as opposed to just swimming straight freestyle, resting whenever I felt like it) and it helped time go so much faster.


I’m so itching to do a triathlon (obviously not until later next year) and I’ve tossed a few spinning classes into my schedule. By “a few” I mean I’ve done three in approximately 7 months. I literally don’t “try” in class at all. I basically just do enough to sweat a little and remind my muscles what it’s like to move. It’s such a hard transition from pushing myself to my limits (pre-pregnancy) to now, reminding myself to take it easy and worrying whether certain movements are “okay” in pregnancy. It’s just nice to be in a fitness class and have those precious seconds when I feel a little like my old self (although I think I might never feel 100% like my “old self” again).

ironman lake placid finish line

I finished Ironman Lake Placid FOUR years ago. What?! I can’t believe it’s been that long.

I feel as though I have an addiction to alcohol (*when not pregnant, duh) with the amount of time I spend these days complaining that all I want is a glass of wine and/or beer! (And oysters, sushi, lox…I literally have a list.) I can’t wait to be able to have a glass with dinner or while out with friends or…umm…alone in my house. (OMG I just realized I’ll basically never be alone again because BABY! AHHH.) I’m reminded of all this because Uncommon Green sent me this NYC Marathon course map pint glass from their new glassware collection. Isn’t it so great?! It’s the best gift! You can get any map engraved along with personalization like a bib number or time. You can also get a rocks glass if you’re more into that. Currently drinking water from this glass and daydreaming about beer running the NYC Marathon 2018…hopefully…

uncommon green marathon pint glass

I made coffee solely to try and help the map stand out but my photo is still a littttttle sub par. Sorryyy.

FOOTBALL SEASON IS (almost) BACK. I won’t get into the prominent CTE issue in the media right now – I’ve been listening and reading up on the differing opinions on the situation but I’m still not quite sure where I stand. Studies were done on donated brains (a “convenience sample” from families who most likely were already concerned) so it wasn’t completely objective, but it’s obvious there’s an important health and social issue at hand. All I want to say now is that I’m excited for the season because I love the game and the business of it, and even though every single human is hating on the Jets, I am stupidly optimistic that maybe JUST MAYBE they won’t struggle as much as it looks like they will on paper. I still have a teensy bit of hope for our young team. I’m also going to be working at a few of the early games and I’m SO PUMPED to get back into the sports world and to be working again. It gives me life!

I’m really missing our lifestyle and friends in California. When I was there, I missed the east coast. Now I’m here and I miss California, our fun weekends with some of our best friends, my runs along the beach, our cute little house, our hidden gem community (El Segundo) and the fall-like weather practically year-round (in the south bay, at least!). WHY AM I NEVER SATISFIED. Too much is changing in our lives all at once! Send help and Twizzlers! (Current craving.)

manhattan beach california

Hello, beautiful Manhattan Beach.

marina del rey bike path


Don’t let me talk about myself for our whole coffee date! What are you excited about right now?

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  1. August 2, 2017 / 8:54 pm

    Hah what you say about never being alone is so real and took me a while to realize. But, those 5pm glasses of wine are AMAZING :) I’m about to enjoy a glass of chardonnay right now.

    • August 3, 2017 / 1:58 pm

      Haha it literally hit me in that moment while writing! Enjoy that wine girl – I can’t wait to have a 5PM class with you virtually :)

    • August 3, 2017 / 1:59 pm

      Haha it literally hit me in that moment while writing! Enjoy that wine girl – I can’t wait to have a 5PM glass with you virtually :)

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