Did you come back even after my “Why I Disappeared” post? I don’t know why I made the title so dramatic. I’m a little embarrassed that’s what I chose. “Life Updates” probably would have been less weird but I’m not always in sound mind these days. (When people talk about pregnancy hormones they’re not kidding. I feel like that creepy kid in The Exorcist whose head spins around in circles.) ANYWHO, I have some extremely exciting news to report. I took a yoga class yesterday! My first since January. (!!!) It was one hour of extremely gentle yoga and we… View Post

Hiiiii. (Insert emoji showing teeth.) Until January, I spent a decent portion of every day on this little corner of the internet. And then I disappeared faster than I do when cocktail hour begins after a wedding ceremony. (What I mean is that I sprint to the wine.) If you’re not caught up, click on over to Instagram and extra extra read all about it. Since I've basically disappeared from the internet, let me catch everyone up. Brendan and I moved back to New Jersey and I am now 21 weeks pregnant. SURPRISE! We've been so silent about it all because… View Post

You can find anything on YouTube these days. Dinosaur brides. The Office bloopers. (I loveee a good blooper reel.) Wimpy goats. Sara Hopkins. (Love her.) A list of hilarious gifs. (Okay, not on YouTube, BUT STILL.) I’ve also been into psychology YouTube videos lately (great segue I know), and one topic in particular stuck with me: social psychology. This video got me thinking about how social influence can relate to fitness and goal-setting. (You have to click the little menu bar in the top left corner and find video #38 to see the one I’m talking about! I do recommend… View Post

I run. I write about running. I talk about running. The one thing people ask me most often is, “girlllllll how you love running so much?” Except usually they speak with proper english and without the long, drawling “girlllllll” at the beginning…that’s just how I hear it in my head. Are you debating starting to run? You can wait until you have the perfect shoes, until hair-washing day, until it’s precisely 72 degrees and sunny, or you can use my tested approach that comes with a 100% success rate*. *Data accuracy not confirmed.   The let-go-of-all-logic-and-just-do-it method. ‘Cause you know what sucks? Knowing you should do… View Post

Hello there! On this cozy Southern California evening, I’m writing to you from the intersection of “I’m feeling super productive in this new year” and “I feel too overwhelmed with all the things to actually do anything”. Welcome, welcome. If you haven’t visited, it’s like when you decide to donate clothes to Goodwill but instead drive them around in a trash bag in the trunk of your car for 6 months. Good intentions, butttt…exhaustion is winning. I’ve spent the last two weeks traveling and now need a vacation from my vacation, but SURPRISE, KARA, you have to go back to work. Sigh. My holidays are typically spent… View Post

As I’ve mentioned, I’m a fan of starting goals before January 1st. I also love using the weeks leading up to a new year as a time to clean, organize and restructure. Before I left for our travels + in the free time I’ve had since I left, I’ve been focused on making space in my life. (I’m starting to realize just how much of a minimalist I really am – much to my husband’s dismay. Pretty sure I’m starting to show some psychotic tendencies. Sorrrrrry Bren.) Even though some of the things I’ve been doing seem small, time spent sorting through them on… View Post

Happy holidays from New York! Since we left LA, we’ve spent time in Dallas (unexpected flight cancellation!), Iowa, Chicago and now New York. I’ve spent the majority of my time in pajamas and have eaten no less than 20 cookies. Overall, I’m just content I’ve gotten to see so many people I love over the past week. I’m currently typing this while ALSO playing Mario Party on Nintendo 64, which might be impressive if I won ever but I haven’t. Not even once. I did get a few workouts in this week (and yes, I am very proud of myself for doing so)… View Post

Because I’m traveling, my good friend Lora is here to share some valuable running advice. (You might remember her from our Ragnar Relay a few years ago!) Her running resume is very impressive and her dedication to running is endlessly inspiring. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I did!  Hey guys! It’s Lora here from Crazy Running Girl! I’m so honored that Kara invited me to be a guest poster on her blog over the holidays while she’s traveling to see her family and friends. The new year is just around the corner and you know what goes with that…New… View Post