Looking back on my past few posts, things have been pretty serious around the ol’ blog lately! Pregnancy has been tough for me mentally, especially with the move and being unemployed…so I want to get back into the fun, fitness-y stuff here! I’m bringing back an old favorite: If we were having coffee, I’d tell you… –My workouts in pregnancy have been low-key. Theres not much to them, but I’m thankful to be able to move. Running even a minute or two just doesn’t feel right so I’ve been avoiding running and all high impact activity. What I AM loving is… View Post

This past weekend, my brother-in-law married my new sister-in-law. (Hooray for more sisters!) I’ve known them both for about nine years and it was just a perfect, beautiful, fun-filled weekend full of love and I couldn’t stop smiling (except when we woke up on Sunday morning and I learned I had missed the continental breakfast at the hotel). I love them, I love my family, and I love LOVE. (I’m cheesy and I cannot help it.) Whenever I’m lucky enough to get extended time with family, I come home and feel the immediate need to detox and minimalize (whether this… View Post

The truth is, I haven’t had a ton to say in my little corner of the internet lately. I want to write about what people come here for but I haven’t been able to partake in many fitness-y activities since February. But now…now I have words and emotions tumbling out of me at rapid speeds, questioning who I am and the impression I give off to those around me. If you’re reading this, it means I fought the urge to tuck this post away for fear of embarrassment, ridicule and just plain feeling like it-shouldn’t-be-a-big-deal-so-why-does-it-feel-that-way, afraid everyone will say I’m not dealing with criticism… View Post

**Hi all! I wrote this a few weeks ago, but felt I needed to share. I’m still taking medicine but am feeling MUCH better than I was when I started writing this post originally. I’m currently in week 24 but wrote this first part around week 17, and the second part somewhere around 13. I wrote it in portions because it took me some time to get the nerve (and motivation!) to actually finish and post it.** I’ve always believed we get stronger when we surround ourselves with strong people. I’m telling myself that a lot lately. This very much… View Post

Friends, I’m having a little writer’s block. I don’t want to write about pregnancy all the time, and with my limited workout schedule (and absolutely zero running), I’m struggling with what to share with you! The good news: I can finally say I feel pretty good. My “new normal”, I guess you could say, because no matter what you say, when you have an ear-of-corn sized human in your uterus, you just don’t feel “normal” like you used to for the past 30 years of your life. I DID take a TRX class this week! I’ve been so nervous about signing up for classes… View Post

Did you come back even after my “Why I Disappeared” post? I don’t know why I made the title so dramatic. I’m a little embarrassed that’s what I chose. “Life Updates” probably would have been less weird but I’m not always in sound mind these days. (When people talk about pregnancy hormones they’re not kidding. I feel like that creepy kid in The Exorcist whose head spins around in circles.) ANYWHO, I have some extremely exciting news to report. I took a yoga class yesterday! My first since January. (!!!) It was one hour of extremely gentle yoga and we… View Post

Hiiiii. (Insert emoji showing teeth.) Until January, I spent a decent portion of every day on this little corner of the internet. And then I disappeared faster than I do when cocktail hour begins after a wedding ceremony. (What I mean is that I sprint to the wine.) If you’re not caught up, click on over to Instagram and extra extra read all about it. Since I've basically disappeared from the internet, let me catch everyone up. Brendan and I moved back to New Jersey and I am now 21 weeks pregnant. SURPRISE! We've been so silent about it all because… View Post

You can find anything on YouTube these days. Dinosaur brides. The Office bloopers. (I loveee a good blooper reel.) Wimpy goats. Sara Hopkins. (Love her.) A list of hilarious gifs. (Okay, not on YouTube, BUT STILL.) I’ve also been into psychology YouTube videos lately (great segue I know), and one topic in particular stuck with me: social psychology. This video got me thinking about how social influence can relate to fitness and goal-setting. (You have to click the little menu bar in the top left corner and find video #38 to see the one I’m talking about! I do recommend… View Post