Pedicures, Shopping, Not Cooking

Yesterday I decided that my blisters had healed enough post-marathon, and I finally treated myself to a pedicure at a favorite spot near my apartment. When the girl took my old nail polish off my big toe, I was surprised to see it was totally black. (So gross, I know). I know it had hurt when I finished the 26.2 but I didn’t realize that it was that bad.  The lady didn’t mention it so I didn’t have to try to explain myself.  I was kind of hoping she would ask, though, so I could talk about running :)  Anyway, during the massage portion (my place includes a hot stone massage with the pedicure- HEAVEN) she seemed to immediately feel out the tight spots in my calves. I turned on the massage chair (Double massage action? Yes please!) and was blissfully unaware of all the worries I’ve had about running and my injury. Much needed.

This morning I took a hot yoga class. It was amazing to sweat everything out and the teacher was really fun and helpful. Some of the people in class were doing all these crazy moves (I admit I don’t know much about yoga, I just like how it feels) but I’m honestly okay with the fact that I can’t do headstands or balance on only my forearms. Maybe someday, but I’m not worried.

Post-yoga, I made my way over to Lululemon for a pick-me-up. (Yes, I shop when I’m feeling bored/lonely/happy/sad/excited etc…I can pretty much come up with any reason to go buy new workout clothes)

I'm so excited about my running shirt I'm wearing it with jeans and boots today. Is that weird?!

Now I’m waiting for my boyfriend’s little brother to pick me up to go to their parent’s house. BF has to work until tomorrow so I’m going early to help with cooking and setting everything up for the 20+ people coming over. It’s a little scary, seeings as I’ve started fires trying to boil water. Twice. How does that even happen, you ask? No idea. But cooking and me do not mix.  My mom is an amazing cook, but I didn’t get that gene. BF’s mom is an Italian woman who can cook anything and everything. You would think I’ve had enough experience watching these wonderful ladies, but I guess not. I am, however, a phenomenal cleaner so at least I can help with that! (I’m one of those crazy people who loves cleaning. A nice day of organizing makes me SO HAPPY!!)

What is everyone doing for Thanksgiving? Happy Holidays!

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