Kansas, Mizzou, and the Greatest College Basketball Rivalry

I’m having trouble putting my weekend into words. But I’m sure words will start spilling out shortly.

Fair warning: if you came here to read about running (yes, this is KaraRuns.com, you are in the right place), or if you hate college basketball, you might want to leave now. But I’d prefer you don’t.

I’m going against the golden rule of blogging today and am choosing to write about something completely unrelated to running. But it’s my blog and I can do whatever I want, right? Right.

2/25/2012 – KU: 87 Mizzou: 86

Allow me to lay down the facts about a very epic rivalry in the history of college sports; more specifically, basketball: The Kansas – Missouri rivalry.

Anyone who knows me knows I’m insane about my alma mater, the University of Kansas.



The tradition, history, spirit and camaraderie of KU contributed to what I believe was the best college experience EVER. I literally thank God that I made the choice to attend school there. I’m that girl who tries to convince everyone I meet to be a Jayhawk fan. (BTW there are SO many haters on the East Coast! Envy? If I had a dollar for every person that looked at my KU shirt and said…”Kansas???” or “You’re not in Kansas anymore, Dorothy”….)

We play in fountains too. No big thing.

I’m even more crazy about my Jayhawks’ basketball team.


Anyone who knows anything about college basketball knows about the Jayhawks; historically dominant, with five national titles and national rankings year after year. Most people also know about the rivalry between KU and Mizzou (The University of Missouri). Lawrence, KS and Columbia, MO are only about 160 miles apart, and since 1907 the KU – Mizzou tradition has been going strong.

It’s not even just about basketball; here’s a little history lesson for you. It goes back to 1863 and the battle between free states vs. slave states: pro-slavery raiders from Missouri led by William Quantrill burnt down the city of Lawrence, Kansas, as a response to previous attacks by John Brown, a Kansas abolitionist. KU Athletics plays this video (and this one) before every game- you get the idea.

Saturday was the 267th time the two teams met; and was likely one of the last Border War games to ever be played between the two teams. Not to mention, it was a highly important game in the race to win this year’s Big 12 conference. (Side note: when I was still in college they tried to change it from “Border War” to “Border Showdown” to be more politically correct. Fail.)

In addition to the fact that there lies such a short distance between the two cities, the two teams have been members of the same conference as well. Amidst all the conference changes this year, Mizzou has decided to leave the Big 12 and head for the SEC next year.

Enough with the talking – let’s take a look at the numbers, shall we?


I love these numbers.

As I’m sure you can imagine, KU fans like to taunt Mizzou with these numbers. I have family members who attended MU and I still have absolutely no problem reminding them of these numbers. Numbers that reflect 100+ years of talent, tradition, hated, and domination of Mizzou. This article sums it up way better than I ever can.

Moving on. I was lucky enough to be a student when my Jayhawks beat Memphis in overtime to win the 2008 NCAA National Championship game, a night (more like a WEEK) that still ranks as my best ever. (Along with graduation day – obviously my days in the Sunflower State were an amazing time in my life).


I’m still feeling (almost) that same post-championship winning feeling today. In an epic battle on Saturday, KU rallied back from a 19-point deficit to achieve the largest comeback in Allen Fieldhouse history. All this to end the Border War, maybe for good.

If you feel so inclined and would like a peek into the atmosphere on gameday, take a look at this video from our arena on Saturday before the game. Where the decibel level apparently reached 120.7 decibels, which ESPN reported as comparable to the sound of a jet engine. I’ve always been adamant that college sporting events have way more spirit and a million times better atmosphere than professional sports – maybe that’s because I went to an insanely passionate college sports school of 30,000+ students. Take a look at that video and tell me you don’t get goosebumps.

Bill is thrilled! Source

Anyway – that was my weekend. FlyWheel with B (his first time; he loved it AND he dominated! More on that later.), shopping, friends, and a huge KU win. I promise that tomorrow we’ll be back to regularly scheduled blogging and that I’ll be able to focus on running instead of epic basketball games.

Thanks for everything, Missouri. It’s been fun. I’m not gonna lie – you have a great team this year and you’ve certainly tested us. Your fans are passionate and it’s been lovely beating knowing you, right down to the end. Best of luck in the SEC.

Just don’t let the door hit you on the way out. Oh wait…

KU: 87 Mizzou: 86

Ad Astra Per Aspera, fellas. Rock Chalk Jayhawk For life.

Learning Experiences and Pineapple

I think I  jinxed myself by secretly planning my St. Patrick’s Day 5K.  I can’t believe I forgot to “knock on wood”.  I will explain.

The weather has been beautiful this week. Naturally, I wanted to spend as much time outside as I could. Preferably running.

You are spectacular, NYC.

I was feeling pretty good after my “long run” last Friday and my “track workout” on Saturday. Remember, my super long 2 miler?  (I still feel the need to keep explaining that I’m coming back from injury. I probably need to get over my fear that someone new will start reading and will think I just suck. Why do I care? Besides, anyone who runs anything doesn’t suck! So there.)

I went to FlyWheel on Monday and all was still well. My hamstring felt a little tight but I didn’t think much of it.

On Wednesday morning I got all suited up with my Garmin, my favorite Lululemon shirt, my favorite Nike capris, and my semi-new Brooks Ghosts. All the fixins were present  for a fabulous 3 mile run. My planned route was one fairly hilly 3 mile loop. Mistake #1.

After a half-mile, my hamstring felt reaaaaally right. I should have turned around. I didn’t. I thought it would loosen up. Mistake #2.

I slowed way down.

About halfway though, my hamstring was so tight that I could feel a stretch with every step. I could barely bend over when I stuck my leg out and tried to touch my outstretched toe.

AND, this is my right leg! Not even my injured left leg. That leg felt fine. Why does something new always have to pop up?

So, I begrudging stopped to walk. It hurt my ego to see runners speed past me. I wanted to yell “I’m injured and being smart!” but opted for a simple smile.

So I walked and walked. I ran a few more times because I wanted to get home faster; all while envisioning my hamstring snapping and having to call the BF to leave work and come scoop me up.  No bueno.

This is what I ended up with. Sigh.

I finished the original 3 miles, but not exactly the way I was hoping to.

It didn’t hurt much once I got home and still doesn’t today. If I push deep into my hamstring I can feel a little tightness but it hasn’t bothered me since that run. Yes, I always poke and prod at my muscles to see if they hurt. Probably not the best idea.

So, let’s see. What did I learn from this? Allow me to lay it out for you:

1. Be cognizant and careful when coming back from injury. Two good runs does not a “comeback” make!

2. Don’t get too overeager. Maybe I need to go even slower as I’m coming back. I hate that, but I need to.

3. Don’t go out on a 3 mile loop if you’re not positive you can make it safely through the whole thing.

4. There’s something wrong with my iTunes account. (What? That doesn’t count? I did learn that on my run. I tried to buy a “pump-me-up” song and it wouldn’t let me.) Also –  isn’t it amazing that with a smartphone, every song is at your fingertips no matter where you are?

Anyway, I digress.

I decided to spend my non-running time attempting to cut open a pineapple and imagining I was in Hawaii. It was much easier than I thought. Although I’m fairly certain I did it completely the wrong way. Sorry I don’t have a fancy recipe for you; I just eat it straight from the bowl.

Still, delicious!

Is that not PARADISE?! I need to go back ASAP.

I wish I had a guy playing the ukelele and the sound of waves crashing but a pineapple will have to do. Good thing I have an active imagination.

As for this weekend: B finally agreed to go to FlyWheel with me! I am simply ecstatic. I love him and I love FlyWheel and now I get them both together! We are getting our sweat on early and then heading up to the Woodbury Commons outlet mall. Again, simply ecstatic. Post-sweating and shopping, some of his high school football buddies are coming to visit for the night. I’m pretty sure mayhem will ensue.

Please enlighten me: What are your weekend plans? How are you getting your sweat on? Do you know how to cut a pineapple?

What’s the Real Problem?

I’ve had enough!

This is my “I’ve had enough” face. I still make it to this day.

I have seen one too many diet pill commercials. One too many 5-Hour Energy commercials and AeroShot “breathable caffeine shot” commercials where the person simply can’t function without their caffeine shot – they need one before work, during that mid-day slump, after work, to get to the gym, to deal with the kids, etc. Why should anyone have to turn to a cocktail of artificial flavors to get them moving? Is it really necessary to inhale caffeine every day? If you want to lose weight, why not try the old-fashioned method of diet and exercise?

Please allow me to extensively explain my personal , non-professional opinion on nutrition, fitness, and PREVENTABLE diseases. I am speaking to no one in particular, just “society” as I’ve been seeing it lately.

The AeroShot website shows pictures of people partying with their little caffeine inhalers and promises to keep you awake after “devouring a bacon double cheeseburger at lunch”. Maybe don’t eat the bacon double cheeseburger at lunch? Just a suggestion. Now, I haven’t been doing any secret scientific studies about the effects of caffeine inhalation, nor do I have any sort of professional experience in the matter. But common sense tells me that there are better ways to treat your body. Even when your job is demanding, the kids are demanding, school is demanding…life is demanding. Take a deep (caffeine free) breath and try and prioritize. Consider what you’re depending upon day in and day out to keep you awake.

Enough with treating the symptom and not the problem!

I get it. I’ve had so many of those days in my life.From boardrooms to business dinners, I’ve spent my fair share of time at the office. There were countless days that I worked past midnight and was back in the office by 7am. With my last job, I had long days outside under the hot sun, long nights enduring freezing cold temperatures, and spent lots of quality time with my desk and computer. I spent precious college summers flying halfway across the country for highly coveted internships. I worked my way up and dove straight into a full-time job following my much anticipated graduation. Even though I’m only “20-something” I am no stranger to that “overworked” feeling. That’s life. Even through the exhaustion I found a part of me that felt smart and motivated.

My point is, I know how much easier (and cheaper) it is to grab some kind of processed snack or heat up a microwavable meal. I know what it feels like to want caffeine to wake up. Companies plan their marketing schemes around people who work, work, work and need a quick and easy solution for whatever they or their family need. But come on, enough already with the quick fixes. Learning (and teaching others) how to live a healthy lifestyle is key.

When you stop taking care of yourself, you’re putting your body at risk. This study discusses how the risk for certain diseases increases when sound nutritional principles are lacking in your diet. This doctor, in a speech titled “Developmental Origins of Chronic Disease” believes that chronic diseases are preventable with a balanced diet, beginning in the womb. This researchers in this study are currently reviewing the health benefits of apples. (They keep the doctor away, right?)

This article about artificial sweeteners even goes so far as to say that artificial sweeteners in “waste water” can interfere with our filtered drinking water, as well as organisms’ feeding habits, affecting the entire food chain. They are worried it will affect the ENTIRE FOOD CHAIN! How scary is that. Let’s save the Earth together, shall we?

And I’ll take my tap water unsweetened, thank you.

Like I said, why don’t we focus on the root of the problem, not the symptom? Runners know; it’s the same thing with an injury – icing and foam rolling and taking NSAIDs all day will help in the short term, but if you have IT band problems, you’re probably gonna have to work on strengthening your glute muscles. Knee problems? Try strengthening those hips! This extends to everyone: if you’re tired, try to get more sleep. Focus on eating nutritious meals. Don’t just drink energy drinks. Exercise. Make the time. Maybe try and involve the crazy kids who are the cause of your sleep deprivation. You know what to do. Take a page from Nike’s book and “Just Do It”. (Sorry I’m not sorry for that cliche.)

The researchers who wrote this paper even concluded that “exercise and physical activity have beneficial effects on depression symptoms that are comparable to those of antidepressant treatments”. But you already know exercise is good for you. Yay exercise. Let’s all be happy.

Wyatt is always happy. And also, I thought you might be bored with all the words, so here is a picture. You’re welcome.

The majority of people reading this already understand the components of a healthy, balanced lifestyle and are way more knowledgeable than I am. It’s just that some of the messages in commercials these days make me want to punch something. Sadly, a lot of people don’t know what’s good and what’s bad when it comes to diet and exercise. They are misinformed about what a solid workout is or just aren’t motivated to follow an exercise program. They think it’s totally normal to inhale caffeine. Again, I’m no scientist, but really?! If you find yourself depending on a caffeine shot every day, I think there’s a problem.

Personally, disease terrifies me; I realize certain problems CAN happen to me if I’m not cognizant, and I’m not “too young to worry about it”.

Perhaps the misinformation is due to conflicting info like this: $29 Billion Reasons to Lie About Cholesterol. (The cholesterol debate is also discussed in a book I recently read called “Real Food” by Nina Planck.) I’ve even heard people call 100-calorie packs of cookies “healthy” just because they are “low-calorie” or “low-fat”. Obviously a low calorie count isn’t synonymous with health, but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard this statement. “It only has 100 calories, so it’s healthy”. Better than that bacon double cheeseburger, yes, but I’m sorry to say that bag of fat-free potato chips probably isn’t filled with nutrients.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a nutritionist, and my diet isn’t perfectly balanced. I like love candy and I’ll certainly go out for frozen yogurt or eat popcorn at the movies. I don’t even want to tell you what I used to buy for lunch in junior high (pizza and an Oreo brownie, haha). But I take note of what I eat and consciously strive to pick the best option when I can. Maybe I don’t get popcorn AND frozen yogurt in the same week. I can practice self-control (usually). Hooray for moderation!

All in all, it can be hard to know what to believe these days, but being proactive and doing your own research are two ways to get in-the-know. It scares me that people are consuming items they don’t even know to be harmful.

Let’s review. Is it worth the extra effort to find nutritious foods? To make time in your day for exercise? To find more time for sleep?

Is it worth it to spend time fighting a disease that could have possibly been prevented? To worry about your health and spend money on doctor’s visits? Some people have problems they can’t do much about. If you CAN take action to prevent something, wouldn’t you want to?

Consider your priorities.

Don’t eat crap every day. Exercise. Get as much sleep as you can. Everything in moderation. Do your research. Smile, laugh, spend time with family and friends. Be happy. Be healthy.

Track Workouts and Beating Freestyle

Well hello there, it’s been awhile! Did everyone enjoy a long weekend?

B and I went to visit his family in Westchester. Our weekend in a nutshell: we watched basketball, worked out, went out with friends, and ate a lot (which is the main reason for my “only fruits and vegetables allowed in the cart!” grocery store trip yesterday). We watched half of three different movies, always seeming to catch one in the middle or having to leave before one ended. We also dog-sat this little cutie:

Bam says "Who are you? I miss Sam."

Our reward was candy. Best. Reward. Ever.

On Saturday, a group of us headed to the local high school. While the boys played basketball, I visited my old friend, the track.

Oh, hi there. I've missed you.

I spent so many days at the track in high school that now just the smell of it makes me completely nostalgic. Love it.

To warm up, I ran one slow lap and then picked it up for the second.

Next, I went over near the high jump, which brings me absolutely no nostalgic feelings. I’m 5’2 and had no business with the high jump in high school. Unless you count laying on the landing pit after a long workout. I did about 16 Tabata intervals with burpees, squat jumps, lunges, tricep dips, push ups, planks, broad jumps, and even some lateral shuffles to test out knee movement. Bueno.

Because I had run on Friday, I wanted to take it a little easy and monitor the status of my knees and hips. I completed three more laps by jogging the curves with pick ups on the straightaways. My knees haven’t fallen off and my hips haven’t been aching so I’m feeling pretty good about the whole “running two days in a row” situation. Maybe I won’t have to change this blog’s name from “Kara Runs” to “Kara Does Everything But Run”.  Fab!

The boys scooped me up as I finished my third lap; they had gotten kicked out of the gym and wanted to go to a different school to finish a couple more games of basketball. It forced me to stop which was probably for the better.

I went along with them, hoping to enjoy more outdoor time. Of course, it started to snow and I wanted nothing to do with being cold. So, I waited in the car:

Doesn't everyone sleep in the car post-run?

Last night I visited FlyWheel Sports again for some cycling action. I’m becoming addicted to the boost of motivation I receive there and, of course, the fact that it makes me sweat a lot. I’ve found it to be the closest cross-training activity to running for me.

My class had two instructors which meant lots of yelling and a good mix of music.

I was surprised to see I biked 27 miles. I’m not sure how accurate that is. But I do know the “Estimated Calories” number is typically way off on your average cardio machine.

We completed quite a few hill climbs which I have a love/hate relationship with. I do prefer to turn up the resistance for a slower, tougher ride rather than “sprinting”. During hills, I can feel my muscles working against the resistance and each fiber pulling throughout every pedal turn. You know what “they” say, no pain, no gain!

Every time the torque board was shown, someone named “Freestyle” and I were in a close match, our names flipping up and down every few seconds. The instructors always seem to reference “totals”, a number displayed on the screen attached to each bike. Ms. Freestyle and I were only a couple points apart. My goal? BEAT FREESTYLE. I’m thankful for the extra push; it brought out my competitive side and I definitely worked to come out on top. Which I did, thank you for asking.

I’m trying not to get overeager, but am secretly planning my comeback race as a little St. Patrick’s Day 5k. My secret plans include green compression socks and some lots of sparkle, and will conclude with green beer and a fun day with friends. No more sitting on the sidelines for this girl.

Tell me! How was your weekend? Are you already planning St. Patrick’s Day? Whats YOUR next race?

My New Definition of “Long Run”

Today officially marks the day of my farthest run since the NYC Marathon, when I aggravated my injury and sidelined from myself running for almost three months. (Are you wondering if I’m living in regret? I’m totally not. I loved that experience and what I’ve learned from it).

After I charged up my completely dead Garmin and went to set the distance, I saw this:

No, I'm not quite ready for that yet.

The last time I set the distance, I set it at 26.20 miles. It was still set on that mileage from November 6th, 2011.  Today, I pulled my Garmin out of retirement, prepared for one mile of running. I decided on the magic number “one” because I’ve been doing well with 10-ish minute runs and am deathly afraid of pushing too hard too quickly and injuring myself all over again. More on that later.

I decided to head for a path I used to train on. For the past few weeks I would either hit the treadmill to decrease the pounding (as opposed to concrete), or just head out my front door and do a few laps around the block. I’ve been nostalgic and missing the quietness of my little running trail so I opted to venture that way on this lovely 50 degree day.

I warmed up and stretched/foam rolled before I left the house, and then walked for a bit before I started running.  A half-mile into the run the back of my knee felt a little uncomfortable. I immediately became frustrated and considered stopping. But, I figured I could try pushing through – sometimes your body just needs some loosening up, right? So I kept going and the soreness stopped about a minute later. Victory!

I set out to run a mile. I felt GREAT. I kept going. Here’s how it ended up:

This may look horrible to you but it's SUCCESS for me at this point!

I didn’t plan the distance/time  (1.83 miles and 17:13) and the randomness seriously bothers me. I need even numbers and straight lines and organization (the phrase you’re looking for is “Obsessive Compulsive”).  Again, my original goal was one mile, but I wasn’t feeling soreness or pain so I kept going. I stopped when I started to feel a little  nagging soreness that I believe was just due to my transition back to running. Regardless of the short, slow miles, I am SO PUMPED about almost reaching two PAIN FREE miles!

Thumbs up for my new definition of "long run"!

SIDENOTE Question for you Garmin gurus: on a Forerunner, how can you get back to the screen that shows mileage if you run longer than the distance you set originally? For example, I set my watch for one mile. When I continued after a mile, it only showed “time” after that. I didn’t actually know I was at 1.83 miles at my stopping point. I probably would have finished with an even two.

Now, back to that “deathly afraid to push too hard while injured” situation.

I’ve always believed that you need to push through pain to see improvement (what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, etc…etc…). But sometimes there’s a fine line between “not making an effort” and simply being conservative.  When injured, how can you distinguish between pushing yourself past self-imposed limitations to continue improving, and when do you need to stop and evaluate what’s really going on? Although I feel fairly knowledgeable as to what type of pain is good and what is not,  this is my first injury and I’m having a hard time deciding what I should push through and what I shouldn’t mess around with. Paying attention to what your body tells you is important; but in the case of my knee soreness today, I’m certain that pushing past it was totally okay. You’d think I would KNOW what “bad pain” is, but I tend to overreact. I don’t trust myself sometimes.

Anyway, on Tuesday I did some jogging with fast pickups and felt good afterward. I am obviously progressing and am beyond thrilled.

What do you think? Is it as simple as “what doesn’t feel right?” How do you motivate yourself to push past limitations? Lastly, I have a non-related question: Do you think BioFreeze is helpful or is it just a skin-irritating agent?

Happy Friday! Cheers!


FlyWheel Class Review

Remember when I tried FlyBarre last week?

Last night, I decided to check out FlyWheel, an indoor cycling class at the same studio in Millburn, New Jersey. (They also have a ton of studios in NYC and throughout the country.)

I was in the mood for a serious sweat session after my long day, so I signed up for a 5:30pm class. I love that you can reserve a bike, view the status of a class, and manage your account all online. Technology for the win.

When I arrived, I checked in on a laptop in the lobby and grabbed the bike shoes that were in a cubby corresponding to my bike number. I was wondering how they magically knew my shoe size but soon remembered I entered it online when I first created my FlyWheel account. Genius.

So official. And appropriately sized for my abnormally small feet.

Here’s what I loved about the class:

  • The room was dark, making it easier to concentrate on my workout. I get distracted way too easily.
  • This particular instructor chose a variety of music that really pumped me up. Music plays a big part in my motivation levels in a class like this.
  • The instructor gave specific guidelines as to the effort we should be expending. I would stare at the little electronic torque and RPM screen (attached to each individual bike), thinking the lady was crazy and that there was no way I could push harder. But I did it anyway. (Your mind plays tricks on you! Don’t listen!) “Never Coast”, as those FlyWheel-ers say.
  • Assume spinning only works your legs? Wrong, my friend. Weighted bars were used during one song to incorporate arm exercises while riding. Never underestimate a four pound bar.
  • It wasn’t uncomfortably packed, but there were enough participants to raise the energy level.
  • The Torque Board (which, if you opt to participate, displays your stats in relation to others in the class) gave my competitive side a push. I’m not interested in seeing my name behind anyone else’s.
  • It was tough. I was sweaty. Perfection.

Honestly, I felt out of shape; not being able to run has obviously taken a toll on my cardiovascular fitness level. I definitely needed this push to remember how a solid heart-pumping workout feels. Cross-training on my own just hasn’t done it for me; this would be a good way to stay strong and ensure my return to running is as seamless as possible.

Photo Source

I mean, sometimes I honestly feel too lazy to think about creating my own workout.

I’m used to going outside and running. Yes, there are tons of variables and situations runners focus on: pace, mileage, speedwork, tempo runs, hills, weather, shoes, and form, among other things. But for some reason that all seems much simpler. Running is second nature to me.

Running and I go way back.BFF4E.

Preparing a unique, challenging workout and deciding what lifts need to be done, in what order, sometimes just seems like too much thinking.

4 years of thinking in college is enough, right?

Most days, I love coming up with fun workouts. But other times, on an early morning or after a long day, I just want to concentrate on working hard and have someone else worry about the details. I like having someone yell instructions at me while I spin my little heart out. And this time around? I felt more energized than I had all day.

Now I just need additional income to support this expensive hobby.

How do you feel about having your stats displayed to the entire class? Did you know they’re already putting Easter candy out in stores? WHAT IS THAT ABOUT. My post-Valentine’s Day candy hangover isn’t even gone yet.

Finding Time for Exercise and Underwater Puppies

Good morning!

Is it possible to get too much sleep? I usually sleep at least 10 – 11 hours every night. Even though most of you probably hate me right now, I fear my over-zealousness for sleep is not as beneficial as one would think. When I try to wake up after 7-ish hours like a normal person, I feel as though I’m just TOO TIRED to wake up “early”. What is that about!? I think I need to start conditioning myself to wake up earlier.

This morning’s sluggishness may be contributed to the massive amounts of sushi and frozen yogurt consumed last night. Me and B had a lovely Valentine’s Day date – our 4th together!

Yes, that’s a “conversation heart” there in the corner. Just getting in the spirit of V-day, people!


I was clicking around on ACSM.org today, as normal people do (right?) and found a little article about the benefits of High-Intensity Interval Training, which I briefly discussed yesterday. It linked to a Shape magazine article. Check it out if you’re interested in how HIIT can benefit you. I personally like it because you don’t need much equipment and you can do it at home, making it a fabulous “no-excuses” workout.

Here are some other ways to make time for exercise:

1. Time yourself. If you say you’re only going to check email or clean the kitchen for 15 minutes, set a timer so you don’t get distracted and end up sitting there for an hour.

2.  Do squats while waiting for water to boil. Lunges while microwaving. Jumping jacks during commercials. Calf raises in the shower (be careful!) Forearm planks while typing on a laptop on the floor. (I was totally kidding about that last one but naturally, I decided to try it. It’s actually do-able. I’m laughing).

3.  Get off Facebook/Twitter/PINTEREST (which is extremely addicting). Exercise first! Or, refer to #1.

4. Don’t want to miss Keeping Up with the Kardashians? Anderson Cooper? Alcatraz? Finding Bigfoot? (Hilarious. Watch it. Yes, I’m serious).  Record it. You’ll gain extra time by skipping commercials later. Obviously.

5. Make it a date. Spend time with friends or family by working out together – you can run or do intervals at home if you don’t belong to the same gym.

6. Everyone says this, but schedule it. Treat exercise like a can’t-miss meeting. Put it in ink.

7. Make a to-do list. Rank items in order of importance, including exercise.

8. Wake up earlier. (Did you think I would leave this one out?)

9. If actually driving to the gym is your downfall, buy your own dumbbells/medicine ball/jump rope/bosu ball/kettlebells/stability ball/whatever you like and make your own little home gym. Then you can workout anytime (hooray!)

10. Before a busy day, make dinner in advance (crock pot, anyone?). Grocery shop for the week, rather than going every day right before dinner (if you’re like me).

11. Find something you absolutely love and remind yourself of the reasons why you enjoy it. You’ll want to find the time.

Now get out there and get sweaty!

In other totally random news…

There is an animal photographer named Seth Casteel that takes photos of dogs underwater. After I saw this article on Today Show online I immediately visited this adorable website. I have to share a few of these gems with you:

Source: Little Friends Photo

Source: Little Friends Photo

Apparently dogs don’t close their eyes under water…they just open them wider.

 Doesn’t this make you smile?

How/when do you find time for exercise? Do you love underwater dog photos? Are you a secret underwater dog photographer like Mr. Casteel? Do share!

Can You Replace Running?

I’ve come to the conclusion that you cannot replace running.

Because my injury allows me to do pretty much anything but run (how generous of you, injury) I’ve been trying all sorts of workouts, searching for the one that makes me feel the way running does, and NADA. Not a thing. Elliptical, cycling, arc trainer, walking, yoga, cardio and strength classes all pale in comparison to a solid run.

Is there a sign that says “Shhh…elliptical-er is sleeping?” No.

(I swear I don’t have anything against the elliptical machine – if it works for you, that’s great! Fitness, yay! I just don’t love the time I spend with it).

Lately I’ve been on a mission to create my own challenging workouts to give me that feeling of accomplishment and exhaustion. I have fun with HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). It makes the time go quickly, and you can still have a full body, intense workout.

Here’s what I completed yesterday, in sets with 30 seconds effort, 10 seconds rest. Complete 3 rounds of the set before moving to the next set.

If the descriptions are too confusing, let me know. Maybe I’ll create videos for them!?

The 10 second rest period really just gives you enough time to get ready for the next exercise. I went thought the whole thing once and definitely felt challenged.

But running is still my one true sweat-filled love.

And oh my, I forgot to say Happy Valentine’s Day! (I swear I hadn’t planned to do an ‘I love running’ post today.)

Whether you love this holiday or refer to it as “Singles Awareness Day” and would rather hide inside or go out with your friends and drink copious amounts of wine, beer, or margaritas (or all of the above) just remember those family members and friends you love. And you should absolutely buy yourself a present. I firmly believe that it’s acceptable to buy yourself something for every holiday. (Ain’t nothin’ wrong with pampering yourself!)

With that being said; I love you, dear readers! I look forward to blogging every morning and love “meeting” those of you who visit and comment, so THANK YOU – reading what you have to say totally makes my day. You are wonderful!

What are your plans today? Do you love Valentine’s Day or think it’s a holiday the greeting card companies made up? Are you treating yourself to a sweat-sesh (DO IT!) or buying yourself something pretty?


Too Much Candy and My Running Must Haves

I had a very sugary weekend.

For the record, B made the K+B cookie. He's a keeper.

Although the “heart shaped” cookies I tried to make didn’t exactly look like hearts, they were still pretty delicious if I say so myself. I’m speaking in past tense because yes, they are already gone. (For the record, I live with boys AND I took some to a friends house. I didn’t eat them all on my own!)

I may have also eaten half a bag of sweet tarts. It’s not even Valentine’s Day yet and I’ve lost all my taste buds. Oops.

On Saturday, after my whole “I’m okay with not running today” speech, I went to the gym for some cycling action. I selected a hilly route and biked 10 miles.

I have no idea if this is "good" or not. But I felt like I was working.

In other news, I’ve wasted spent a considerable amount of time on fashion and style blogs in the past couple days (you would never know – my wardrobe mainly consists of yoga pants and sweatshirts) and a recurring theme in the style blogging world seems to be “what’s in my bag”. So, I’ve decided to borrow that concept, and today I would like to share my running favorites:

What’s in my Running Bag?

Very groundbreaking stuff.

I’m sure you’ve seen all of this before, but allow me to elaborate:

1. GAIAM Metro Gym Bag I have two bags in this photo. This one I usually take to yoga or for a quick gym session (AKA when I’m not showering there). It’s small, simple, and has lots of pockets, which I love.

2. Brooks Ghost 4 My favorite new running shoes.

3. Feetures Original No Show Socks Like running on little clouds (or how I imagine that would be). So soft and cushiony and my feet are always dry in these.

4. GAIAM Workout Towel I obviously shop at Target a lot, seeing as GAIAM products are sold there and I already have two listed. I got this little towel on a whim. It does its job, but I wish it was a little softer.

5. Lululemon Cross My Heart Sports Bra So comfy!

6. Touch Screen Gloves My parents (Hi!) gave me these gloves for Christmas. I will have to get back to you on the brand. They are warm and cozy and I can still use them on my iPod to change the song, which I do a lot.

7. Reebok Resistance Bands My gym doesn’t have any so sometimes I bring my own. I even used to keep one at work!

8. The Stick  Targeted muscle massage = lovely. You decide the amount of pressure. Their cute slogan is “A Toothbrush for Muscles”. I bought mine at the NYC Marathon expo. (No I don’t usually carry this with me).

9. Nike Duffel Bag This bag is very roomy. Again, lots of pockets. I used this one when I would go to the gym before/after work and shower there. I don’t have a membership to that specific one anymore; but that gym‘s locker room was seriously like a spa, it was fabulous.

10. Foam Roller FOAM ROLL! Learn it. Love it. DO IT!

11. KT Tape I do have KT tape in my bag. I’ve only used it twice. The jury is still out on this one…I believe if you have to use it, that means there’s something wrong. You should probably focus on fixing the problem rather than masking the problem. (By the way, when I was trying to visit the website, I accidentally typed ktape.com and this came up. WHAT?!)

12. Body Glide Good for long runs. Enough said.

13. Garmin Forerunner 405cx I’ve had this for a couple years now and it still works great. Sometimes finding satellites takes a little longer than I’d like. I love that it sends my splits and run info to a website where I can track and analyze.

So there’s my not-so-quick rundown. Last night I wrote down an interval workout that I’m heading out to complete right now. More on that later!

What are your running must-haves? Did you eat too much Valentine’s Day candy this weekend too?

Running Confessions

I have a confession to make.

It’s Saturday morning. Saturday morning during training season when thousands of runners are up before the sun, pounding the pavement in their Brooks or Asics or Nikes, eating miles for breakfast. And then going out for actual breakfast in still-sweaty running clothes, if you’re like my friends and I.

(That’s not the confession – almost there…)

There’s nothing like a Saturday long run, in my opinion. Waking up, already in your running clothes (umm does anyone else do that?) and heading out the door.  Whether you go solo toward your favorite path, meet up with other run-obsessed friends, run while your Dad rides alongside on his bike (Hi Dad!) or however you may choose to get your sweat on, it’s a fabulous feeling to be out there on a mission, reveling in the idea that by the time you’re done with your 16, 18, 20 miles, the majority of people will be sleepily rolling out of bed.

Here’s my confession:

I’m totally fine with the fact that I’m not out there right now.

I know, I know.  I’m Ms. “I’m so sad I’m injured I want to run I want to run I want to run all the time blah bah blah”.

But I was feeling pretty content to stay warm in bed and watch the snow fall when I woke up this morning. Don’t judge.

Today, I’m content sitting here with my cup of coffee. Today, I’m okay with being cozy inside as the snow is falling outside, even though it’s an easy option and I’m not typically satisfied with taking the easy route. I may not be able to run, but the gym is waiting for me and I’m excited to pay it a visit.

I know that sometimes the hardest part is actually getting out there. I know that if I was running right now, even if it was one of those days where my legs felt like lead and I could barely summon the motivation to keep moving, I would still be thankful to be out there.

Today, I’m remembering that “long run” feeling fondly; similar to when I think of my faraway friends that I just can’t afford to visit quite yet – but know I will get there eventually…or another analogy that sounds better. You get the idea.

Don’t think I’ll be content in this situation forever, though. Today I am, because I know my body still needs time to recover from an injury. I’m confident that I’ll be out there training on my favorite trails and sidewalks soon enough.

I’ll be at another expo soon enough.

I’ll be at another starting line soon enough.

I’ll be at another finish line soon enough.

Don’t get me wrong; if you’ve visited my blog more than once, you know I’m antsy about getting back to running.  Staying content is only okay for so long  – I  know that I need to get out of my comfort zone and push myself to be a better, stronger runner.

It’s taking all my willpower to not automatically sign up for every Spring/Summer race that NYRR opens registration for on Monday. But I’m liking the time I’m able to spend getting stronger and trying out new ways to get sweaty, which in turn will hopefully prevent future injuries that sideline me from running.

I can’t wait for that day. But for now, I’m surprisingly content.

Because it’s snowing, I will leave you with a picture of Wyatt the Dog in the snow. (From 3 years ago – we barely have any right now).

Wyatt is happy. He loves snow.

How are you workin’ on your fitness this weekend? Did you get up and crush the streets or are you heading to the gym like me?

Have a great weekend, friends! Cheers!

FlyBarre Class Review

I’m excited to bring you all a class review today! This morning, I went to a FlyBarre class at FlyWheel Sports in Millburn, NJ.

The description of FlyBarre on the FlyWheel Sports website is:

FlyBarre provides a revolutionary form of body sculpting. It combines the disciplines of yoga, dance, circuit training, pilates and strength building with the Flywheel touch. Every instructor is experienced, creative and eager to push limits — yours and theirs.

A full-body workout based on high repetitions at low weights, FlyBarre is designed to lengthen, tone, and sculpt. Classes are highly energetic, fast-paced, and challenging. We use a wide range of props to tighten muscles and keep things interesting.

I see FlyWheel mentioned quite often on fitness blogs and Twitter, so when I found a deal on Gilt NYC I immediately purchased a 5-pack of classes. The FlyWheel (indoor cycling) classes sold out before I even got a chance at them, so I opted to try FlyBarre.

Photo Source: Well + Good NYC

I was still feeling sore from my workout on Tuesday, so I really had to drag myself to class this morning. I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to give 100%  because my muscles ached just walking up stairs. But, I made a commitment and needed to stick with it.

When I walked into the facility I checked in at the front desk. The ladies there were too busy to give me a mini-tour (which was a little disheartening), but I arrived super early so I showed myself around. I was immediately impressed by the amenities and cleanliness: private changing rooms (with hair ties in a little jar inside. YES), programmable lockers (no need to bring a lock or carry around a key – you punch in your own code), towels, and…my favorite amenity…bottles of water!

Yes, I should help save the Earth and bring my own water bottle. But, sometimes I forget and other times I can’t find it, so I LOVE that they provide free bottled water just in case.

There were only five people in my class so it was very small and intimate. The instructor, Amanda, was welcoming and individually discussed our fitness level and any injuries. Thankfully I wasn’t the only new person in the class – I hate that!

We started with some quick warm-up stretches, and then got right into planks with leg lifts and dips to the side. I felt strong with those (thanks to my “plank every day” resolution!).

There were a ton of ab exercises based around the resistance band and ball (see above photo for props). We also utilized the barre for hip/glute/leg exercises, and dumbbells for arms and full-body dance inspired exercises. (Who knew dance-ish exercises while up on your toes could make you shake so much!?)

Essentially, FlyBarre utilizes high repetitions of small movements at multiple angles, with little to no weight. High reps with no rest = killer.

In the middle of class we slowed down did another quick round of stretching (at which point I was thinking…is it over already? That wasn’t enough for me!) No, Kara. Class definitely wasn’t finished.

Most of the movements were new to me – not typical movements I do every day – which was refreshing.  My muscles were burning fairly quickly into each set. Amanda focused on each student’s form and made a point to make individual adjustments.

At one point Amanda mentioned that when she was learning the program, they instructed her to make it as hard as possible. I’m not sure how I feel about that; I love a tough workout, but not when it’s so tough that I don’t feel like I can finish each set (but then again, maybe I’m just not in “FlyBarre” shape quite yet!).

Overall, I enjoyed the class and the upbeat music.  I’m excited to complete my remaining four classes and see if I notice much improvement in that short period of time. The drawback? One class is $30.00, and the packages aren’t exactly affordable for me at this point either. (See pricing here).

I’m also intrigued by FlyWheel, the indoor cycling class they are known for. I could hear the excitement and energy in the packed studio next door and I think next week I might spring for an individual class to test it out. (I’ve heard the first class is free…pleasssseee let this be true!)

And that is my (long winded) review of FlyBarre. Please comment with questions, or let me know your experience with FlyWheel Sports! (Is the cycling class worth it?)

Cheers, friends!

Fitness News and Kettlebells

I ran for 15 minutes on Sunday! PAIN FREE! And yesterday, I ran/walked 1 mile on the treadmill, all uphill…again, PAIN FREE! (FYI: after 3+ months of little to no running,  the words PAIN and FREE always deserve all capital letters).

Wyatt agrees.

Around the 15th minute my knees and left hamstring felt a little sore  so I stopped immediately.  It wasn’t painful, just a little tight. I’m hoping that’s just because I’m coming back to running after a lot of rest and PT… and that as I slowly increase my distance, I will become less and less sore. I’ve also been doing quite of bit of hip strengthening exercises and am wondering if those are making my knees a little sore (I know that knee pain is often a result of weak hips, so maybe the hip exercises are affecting the knees?)

So, I’ve learned that all issues of newspapers in history are searchable in Google. So, naturally, I’ve been looking up fitness and running articles from the past. I’ve added a couple on my Fitness News page. One about astronauts in 1968 and two about a six day run in 1983  – and Fred Lebow is quoted! Exciting stuff.

Moving on…

I’ve never really gotten into kettlebells, but I found this adjustable Rip:60 Soft Kettlebell the other day – what do you guys think?

source: www.Rip60.com

Pros: It caught my eye because you can add or remove weighted discs (rather than buying a bunch of different kettlebells). Plus, it’s soft so if I accidentally toss it across the room (as I envision myself doing), it probably won’t cause as much damage.

Cons: ummm…just realized this warning is on the website:

California Prop 65 Warning

WARNING: This product contains one or more chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm.

Maybe I’ll stick with traditional kettlebells.

Tell me: do you get excited about fitness articles from the 80s like I do? Do you use kettlebells? (If so, do you have a specific kettlebell workout?)

Tell Me a Little About Yourself!

In case you missed it (in which case, please tell me how you blocked out the entire world for the last 24 hours), the Giants won the Super Bowl yesterday. I wore my Jets jersey for the duration of the game.

Alright, so this picture isn't even from last night. But I wanted to show off my lovely Shonn Greene jersey. My fav.

Every time I walked outside I was heckled for wearing the wrong colors, but I was okay with that. I’ve deemed it acceptable to show support for a non-affiliated team if you simply don’t like either contender in the big game. But, congrats are still in order for the Giants. Great game!

So today, I was sitting in my post-Super Bowl daze/food coma, feeling too lazy to attempt to think of something to write about, when one of my favorite bloggers, Abby, “tagged” me with some fun questions to answer. Viola, a topic! Plus, I love “filling out forms” (if a list of questions counts as a form. I say yes).

The first thing on the agenda is write a list of 11 random facts about me. Next, I’ll answer the 11 questions from Abby. Lastly, I need to tag 11 other bloggers to answer some questions I’ve chosen for them.

The Rules:

  1. Post these rules.
  2. You must post 11 random things about yourself.
  3. Answer the questions set for you in their post.
  4. Create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer.
  5. Go to their blog and tell them you’ve tagged them.
  6. No stuff in the tagging section like “you are tagged if you are reading this”. You (the blogger) legitimately have to tag 11 (or so) people.

11 Random Things About Me:

1. I’ve resided in 7 different states. The year I graduated from college I lived in 5 different states because of jobs and internships. (Taxes were not fun that year.) I moved to New York alone, without knowing a single person.

2.  My favorite holiday is the 4th of July.

3. I enjoy cleaning. I clean for fun. Yes, I’m serious.

4. I’ve worked with two professional football teams; the Kansas City Chiefs and the New York Jets.

5. I have a 14 year old niece.

6. Too much coffee makes me tired.

7. I eat an apple with peanut butter pretty much every single day.

8. I love reading – I read everything from fiction novels to  anatomy and physiology books – I’m extremely interested in the human body and the mechanics of exercise!

9. I joined the track and field team in junior high and have been consistently running ever since. (I also tried the long jump for one season but that didn’t work out so well.)

10. My friends out here on the East Coast  created a nickname for me: “Weige”.  Although the proper name for those of us who hail from Iowa is “Iowan”, they think Iowegian (like Norwegian) is funnier. And so, “Weige” was created. It makes me laugh every time.

11. I listen to the Elvis Duran Show on the radio every single morning. I seriously can’t get enough of them. Hysterical.

11 Questions from Abby:

  1. What was your best race (for whatever reason)? The Rutgers Half-Marathon in 2010; I PRed by 23 minutes and it was the first long race where I really pushed myself out of my comfort zone.
  2. What is your favorite place to go for retail therapy? Nordstrom – you can get anything there!
  3. What is your favorite color? Blue
  4. If you could go anywhere for a vacation, where would you go? Greece
  5. Best piece of advice you ever received? Well, he didn’t actually call me up and tell me this, but the wise Zac Brown once sang, “save your strength for things that you can change, forgive the ones you can’t, you gotta let ’em go“. I love that.
  6. What would your friends say is your most redeeming quality? One of my closest friends recently told me she thinks I’m brave and kind. I thought that was one of the nicest things to say.
  7. How did you start blogging? For my first marathon, I just wanted to finish. When I started to train for my second, I wanted to get faster. I started incorporating variety into my training. I used the internet as a resource and was amazed by all the motivational running/healthy living blogs. I love following other runners and their stories, so I began blogging myself to become more involved in the network  and to seek advice and support from the running community. It also helps me track my progress. I’m so thankful to have found something that I look forward to doing each day!
  8. Twitter or Facebook? Twitter for blogging purposes, Facebook for keeping up with family and friends (there is such an abundance of social media! I’m just now learning about Pinterest.)
  9. What is your pre-race ritual? I always make sure to lay out my clothes and pin my bib# on the night before. I can’t think of anything unusual I do the morning of a race...
  10. Woody Allen movies: Yay or Nay? I’m embarrassed to admit I had to Google him just now – I’ve heard the name but wasn’t exactly sure who he is. I’m still not sure. Therefore, I don’t really have an opinion!
  11. Favorite book you’ve read in the last few years. This one is hard. I read a lot. The book Firefly Lane by Kristen Hannah is the last one I remember reading and being totally consumed by. I also love A Race Like No Other by Liz Robbins. I would say it’s a must-read for anyone running the NYC Marathon.

11 questions for my fellow bloggers:

1. What is your favorite fitness-related piece of advice?

2. Favorite musical artist?

3. What’s the most challenging race you’ve ever run (could be the actual course, the mental aspect of it, etc…any reason at all)?

4. Best vacation you’ve ever taken?

5. What’s your go-to dinner recipe?

6. Name a non-fitness related hobby (or two!).

7. Favorite fitness accessory?

8. What’s your dream race? What event would you sign up for if money/ability/travel/time etc weren’t factors?

9. Who motivates and inspires you most?

10. Name a goal you have for 2012.

11. Favorite funny YouTube clip: Go!

Your turn! I wanna get to know ya’.  Leave an answer (or two or three) in the comments section and feel free to tag your favorite bloggers as well.

Slideboard Workout

Is it really only Saturday?

I’ve had a crazy busy weekend thus far and still have lots to do to prepare for our Super Bowl soiree tomorrow. Don’t feel too sorry for me though, each day has been totally fun-filled.

I had a fabulous workout on Friday morning (more on that in a hot second), and went with the BF to Mohegan Sun Casino in Connecticut to see Toby Keith in concert (any other country fans out there?)

Hey there, Toby. I love America too! Let’s be friends.

On the drive up, this little guy was riding in the car in front of us, which made for some quality entertainment:

What up dawg?

When we arrived, we did a little bit of gambling. I dominated the one cent slot machines and walked away with about $50 in my pocket. (Yes, that’s a lot for me!) I don’t gamble much but when I do, I’m a pro at walking away while I’m up. Good for me, right? But I guess that means I could probably never “win big” because apparently you have to play big to win big, or something. But I’m okay with that.

Can we just talk quickly about how they allow you to SMOKE inside the casino? Yuck. How is that legal? It was a nice place (they have some shopping as well) but that fact alone makes me never want to go back. I had to leave after about 30 minutes because I couldn’t stand it. Don’t feel bad though, I found a Sephora and spent some quality time in there.

So, moving on to my very satisfying workout…

We stayed at the BFs parents house on Thursday night, so we went to a little gym close by on Friday morning. It was very tiny, but it had EVERYTHING I could want!

Equipment galore!

On top of your normal weights and cardio machines, first off, they had Airex balance pads, which I usually only see in sports performance centers and physical therapist’s offices…

Looks simple right? Try balancing on this soft pad on one leg and having someone toss a medicine ball to you. Trick is to catch it from different angles without losing your balance.

…as well as jump ropes, stability balls, medicine balls, kettlebells, steps for jumping, bands, a big rope (try doing jumping jacks holding the ends…killer), spinning bikes, a big aerobics studio that I had all to myself, and…the BEST thing of all…a slideboard!

I know what you’re thinking…these sound like normal gym things. (My current gym is pretty limited in the equipment category). However, I had never seen balance pads, the “nesting steps” to jump up on, or slideboards available for anyone’s use at my old fancy expensive gym either.

You better believe I did lots of circuits with all the unique equipment.

But let’s get back to the slideboard. This gym also has a hockey rink, so it’s mainly hockey players who put this, simply put, “slippery board” to good use. Apparently I blew the front desk guy’s mind when he saw me using it for non-hockey, non-standing up exercises.

Very stylish foot covers

If you have access to a slideboard, try out this workout. If you don’t, have no fear; most of these moves also work well on a wood floor in socks or with paper towels under your feet.

I have a love/hate relationship with Pikes – amazing core exercise…but tough!

Want more info on how slideboard exercises benefit runners? Check out this article by Matt Fitzgerald, Sliding Your Way to Fewer Running Injuries.

Have you ever used a slideboard? And, very importantly, who’s your Super Bowl pick (or do you just watch for the commercials?) I pretty much despise the Patriots so I’m think I’m going to go with the Giants by default. I’m not happy about my selection this year.

Now I’m off for lots of grocery shopping and Super Bowl party planning fun. AND I cannot forget, the Kansas vs. Mizzou game tonight. ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK!!


Ragnar Relay Obsession Begins

Has everyone heard enough about the nice weather we are having in New York?

It’s 60 degrees in February, fellas!

Spring may not have officially sprung quite yet, but myself and the rest of the city can’t stop talking about how fabulous the weather has been.

So beautiful that yesterday I was able to get in a lovely 12 minute outdoor run. 12 fairly pain-free minutes until I felt a little tingling in my knees, so I begrudgingly stopped.

Body says stop? Okay, I’ll just admire this bridge instead.

My lifting today consisted of some sets of leg and glute exercises. I always second-guess posting my workouts/amount of weight I’m lifting (what are people thinking? Are they judging me? Am I weak?!) But I guess I just gotta “do me” and not worry about it, as you East Coasters always say.

In other news, girls and boys, I’ve officially become addicted to the idea of running a Ragnar Relay Race.  I’ve begun my campaign to convince 11 others to join me (the Fit Blog chat last night with our lovely host Michele connected me with lots interested ladies!) I have a couple takers that I know from the “real world” (Hi Lauren!) and am so ready to check this off my to-do list.

I’ve been trying to convince the BF and my roommates to participate. I told them there’s a PARTY after and the medals double as BOTTLE OPENERS. How could you say no to that?

Well, they said no. I don’t know how.

Regardless, BF says he will drive a van. What a nice guy! Does anyone else want to join?! As soon as I can run more than 12 minutes, that is…

Lastly – check out the new exercise article from the New York Times I linked to on my Fitness News Archives page titled: “Exercise as Housecleaning for the Body”.  Exciting stuff!

How’s the weather where you are? Did you have a great run today? Anyone else want to run a Ragnar Relay?