Full Body Strength Training Workout

I’ve been putting a lot of focus into strength training over the past month or so.  I hate to admit, but it was definitely on the back burner during training. (I know, I know. It’s important. I should have been doing it. Etc etc.)

I’ve made a point to lift at least twice a week for the past few weeks. I’ve been doing this in the form of classes (Uplift Strength Training with Liz is where it’s at!), and some straight up gym work. You know, lifting heavy things.

My playground. (It only looks like this if you go at 8PM on a Saturday night. Because that's when the cool people go.)

My playground. It only looks like this if you go at 8PM on a Saturday night. Because that’s when the people with exciting lives go.

I’ve recently become obsessed with the ViPR – ever since my physical therapist at Finish Line started having me use one, I’ve been loving it. And no, I swear no one paid and/or asked me to say that. I’ve been having fun researching new exercises to do with it – it makes the gym much more exciting!

I’ve done this workout once a week for the past few weeks and A) I’m not sick of it yet B) if I use challenging enough weights, my entire body is sore for days. The first time, I was literally hurting for almost a full week. (Yes, this is a good thing.) There are a couple ViPR exercises in there but they can be modified and done with free weights as well.

full body strength training workout

Someday I’ll get my act together and create my own videos for the moves. For now, I have to rely on other more motivated people. Below are videos of some of the moves that I think people might have questions on.

Single Leg Squats (I do something similar to what he does around 2:45…but not as freakishly fast). The side-twist lunges are at 1:30.)

ViPR Lunges 


Russian Twists

For the triceps – I do them laying on my back.  My favorite trick: when you bring the weights down toward your forehead, don’t go immediately back up…instead, bring the weights down to the floor above your head. Killer!

OMG SIDE NOTE: I was looking for the special triceps move on YouTube so I searched Harley Pasternak because I learned it when taking a class from him…and I found this video from the class…and I’m in it! So funny. Had no idea this existed.

What are your favorite strength training moves? Ever used a ViPR?  PS everyone say “Good Luck” to my Dad who’s doing a 60 mile bike race in Iowa this weekend!

Go Dad!

Go Dad!


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