When I was younger, my idea of fun was throwing everything in my room onto my bed, getting rid of things I no longer liked or needed, and then putting the rest back neatly. Yes, that is a real thing I did. (And, ummm, still do occasionally.) When we moved into our tiny house this past June, I hit another level of obsessive minimalism and have since thrown out approximately 70% of things we moved in with. But we still have space issues. Currently: We have a Kitchen Aid mixer on our bedroom floor. Every time we use our oven… View Post

Thursday night I put on my old favorite black work dress, the kind we all have and keep for years because it’s somehow eternally flattering, and threw on a suit jacket and a pair of heels for the first time since I’ve moved to Los Angeles. Two years ago. When I say I spend the majority of my time in “athleisure” clothing (my eyes are currently rolling) I am not exaggerating. I started working for a yoga studio when I moved here and immediately donated my 7 pairs of the exact same Express “Editor” pants, colors ranging from black to gray (and… View Post

I am not overreacting when I say I spent the majority of Sunday obsessing over the NYC Marathon. I watched the elite race and cried, switching from app to app, looking for updates on my friends participating in the NYC Marathon and reading posts from people I don’t even know. ALL. DAY. LONG. Since I couldn’t be there in person the next best thing was immersing myself into it virtually. #FOMO4LIFE Two notable things (besides the winners of course – here are recaps of the women’s race and men’s race, if you missed them): Hello Molly Huddle! What an inspiring… View Post

How many times have you absolutely not felt like working out, but knew you were just being lazy and that doing something would make you feel better? You want something low intensity that you can do at home because, well, you just can’t fathom doing anything that requires extra effort, leaving your house, whatever it is. I’ve been there. A lot, lately. Trust me, this isn’t one of those “your body is telling you to rest!” things. This is me having such low willpower right now that I’m succumbing to NetFlix more often than I should. I can’t be the… View Post

Well, well, well. Here I am, FINALLY writing a race recap again (!!!). On Sunday, I finished my 11th half, the Rock ‘n’ Roll Los Angeles Half Marathon! I haven’t run a half (or many races at all) since the Griffith Park Trail Half in March 2015 and as you know, I was getting antsy to run long again after a series of not-quite-injuries. I went to sleep on Saturday night completely aware that my scheduled wake-up time could potentially leave me with not enough time to get to the starting line before the gun went off, but I couldn’t fathom… View Post

I’m having one of those months. All of a sudden, everything started breaking at work and in my personal life. LITERALLY, breaking. A window, our heater, the glass on my cell phone (ugh), both my work and personal computers. Plus, the yoga studio I work at was sold so there’s a lot of change there as well. None of this is a big deal AT ALL, I know, but when it all happened at once I was struggling to not be constantly frustrated. For whatever reason, bouncing back was a struggle for me this month. Instead of dwelling on it, I’m focusing on the happy… View Post

I was recently reading an article in which one commenter referred to a lack of patience as “the microwave mindset”. Meaning, with today’s standards, “three minutes is too long to wait for popcorn to pop”. Don’t read article comments, by the way. Sometimes you’ll find little gems that make you nod in agreement and other times you’ll feel like earth is a horrible place and you might as well take Elon Musk up on that offer to go to Mars and never come back. (Speaking of which, does that totally freak anyone else out? SCIENCE IS SCARY.) I blame smart phones for… View Post

Every fall around this time, people in cities big and small stumble upon (or plan a day of drinking around) a marathon. Every year, in the midst of a mimosa-induced haze or during a frustrating detour to get home because a race course closed a street, long after the caffeine of morning coffee wears off, people get their own little boosts of adrenaline and their eyes widen and they declare “I’M going to do that too!” I’m already a runner and I even become that person on marathon day. I’m an equal opportunity obsessor, actually. Watching 5K runners? I WANT A 5K PR. Cyclists? I’M SIGNING… View Post