We all get that feeling that there’s NEVER ANY TIME, right? You feel like you’re juggling everything life throws at you, afraid of something falling or breaking, just trying to stay afloat instead of managing it on your own terms. I’ve always found that the more I focus on overall wellness and being active, the better equipped I am to handle life. But what if you haven’t started that journey yet, or you’re unsure of how or what to do to move forward? I was recently introduced (virtually!) to Meredith Atwood from Swim Bike Mom and was inspired by her… View Post

Happy holidayyyyys. (Sing that like Andy Williams, please.) Even though I say the Backstreet Boys were my first concert (which, yes, I did CAMP OUT for tickets, thanks Mom for your support and for carrying the sleeping bags), I’m pretty sure Andy Williams was actually my first concert. I was 5 years old or so and I very vividly remember him inviting all the kids up to the stage for a song but I was too scared to go. AND THEN all the kids got this bucket with crayons and coloring books as a present and I was envious. My… View Post

I finally tried my first Orangetheory Fitness class! It has been on my list of workouts to try for at least a year, so when my friend Rachael invited me to a birthday class in West Hollywood, I immediately signed up. It was a trek to get there (over an hour driving one way because of traffic!) but I’m so happy I went – it was totally worth it. I left with a endorphin high, feeling like a completely different, happier person than before the class. When I got home I found myself researching pricing and locations – I want to take another… View Post

Yesterday I saw a quote on Instagram that said “December is the new January”, and I started thinking about how much I love the feeling of fresh starts. There’s something about January 1st, right? I always look forward to sitting down in a quiet space with coffee and a notebook and reflecting, writing down goals for the next year. It feels like possibilities are endless, my mind clear and fresh. It’s easier to forget frustrations from the past year, the change in calendar offering encouragement to move forward. Feeling like it will be different this time. The future feels brighter. But…IT’S A SCAM. January 1st is… View Post

When I was younger, my idea of fun was throwing everything in my room onto my bed, getting rid of things I no longer liked or needed, and then putting the rest back neatly. Yes, that is a real thing I did. (And, ummm, still do occasionally.) When we moved into our tiny house this past June, I hit another level of obsessive minimalism and have since thrown out approximately 70% of things we moved in with. But we still have space issues. Currently: We have a Kitchen Aid mixer on our bedroom floor. Every time we use our oven… View Post

Thursday night I put on my old favorite black work dress, the kind we all have and keep for years because it’s somehow eternally flattering, and threw on a suit jacket and a pair of heels for the first time since I’ve moved to Los Angeles. Two years ago. When I say I spend the majority of my time in “athleisure” clothing (my eyes are currently rolling) I am not exaggerating. I started working for a yoga studio when I moved here and immediately donated my 7 pairs of the exact same Express “Editor” pants, colors ranging from black to gray (and… View Post

I am not overreacting when I say I spent the majority of Sunday obsessing over the NYC Marathon. I watched the elite race and cried, switching from app to app, looking for updates on my friends participating in the NYC Marathon and reading posts from people I don’t even know. ALL. DAY. LONG. Since I couldn’t be there in person the next best thing was immersing myself into it virtually. #FOMO4LIFE Two notable things (besides the winners of course – here are recaps of the women’s race and men’s race, if you missed them): Hello Molly Huddle! What an inspiring… View Post

How many times have you absolutely not felt like working out, but knew you were just being lazy and that doing something would make you feel better? You want something low intensity that you can do at home because, well, you just can’t fathom doing anything that requires extra effort, leaving your house, whatever it is. I’ve been there. A lot, lately. Trust me, this isn’t one of those “your body is telling you to rest!” things. This is me having such low willpower right now that I’m succumbing to NetFlix more often than I should. I can’t be the… View Post