I was recently reading an article in which one commenter referred to a lack of patience as “the microwave mindset”. Meaning, with today’s standards, “three minutes is too long to wait for popcorn to pop”. Don’t read article comments, by the way. Sometimes you’ll find little gems that make you nod in agreement and other times you’ll feel like earth is a horrible place and you might as well take Elon Musk up on that offer to go to Mars and never come back. (Speaking of which, does that totally freak anyone else out? SCIENCE IS SCARY.) I blame smart phones for… View Post

Every fall around this time, people in cities big and small stumble upon (or plan a day of drinking around) a marathon. Every year, in the midst of a mimosa-induced haze or during a frustrating detour to get home because a race course closed a street, long after the caffeine of morning coffee wears off, people get their own little boosts of adrenaline and their eyes widen and they declare “I’M going to do that too!” I’m already a runner and I even become that person on marathon day. I’m an equal opportunity obsessor, actually. Watching 5K runners? I WANT A 5K PR. Cyclists? I’M SIGNING… View Post

Life is full of important questions: Can I get away with yoga pants at work if I pair them with nice earrings? What came first: General Tso’s love for deep-fried chicken, or the chicken itself? Is this still a running blog if I haven’t been writing about running? Yes, I started writing weekly posts about my LA Half Marathon training and then completely skipped recapping the past four weeks and hoped you wouldn’t notice. I know you’re smarter than that and I’m here to say I’m sorry. I’m still “training” for the half at the end of October, but I’ve… View Post

I stumbled on this post titled “I Don’t Do Yoga And It Could Be Your Fault” and I can’t keep my mouth shut. I feel like it’s such a clear example of the hatred women spew at each other and I want to simultaneously give this women a hug and tell her she’s enough, while telling her, as lovingly as possible, to stop acting like the condescending little lady that I’m sure she IS NOT (as I imagine most parents want to do with their kids on a daily basis). In a nutshell, this article details a hatred of Instagram posts from “girls showing off their bodies” in… View Post

This is one of those posts I wrote in a fury of slight frustration and in hitting publish, I feel as though it will either be motivational or you’ll come away thinking I’m a heartless bitch with zero empathy. ENJOY! I’m obsessed with the Iron Nun. No, she’s not a golfer or someone who loves ironing, or…whatever else has some relation to irons. (You know you’ve typed a word too many times when you start questioning if you’re spelling “iron” right.) I’ve watched this Nike commercial no less than 12 times and there are a couple points I took away… View Post

Oh HEY! Time to talk about last week, because that’s what Mondays Wednesdays are for. (Try to put me on a blogging schedule and I rebel. MONDAYS ARE HARD.) Last week was a week in which I briefly pondered giving up running. (Don’t worry, just an overreaction. Surprise, surprise!) As you’ll read below, I had a painful long-run-cut-short that frustrated me beyond belief because just like everyone else, all I want is to be healthy. Here’s the thing. I feel like I learned zero lessons in my early twenties. I made lots of mistakes and assumed the world was out… View Post

You guys are going to think I’m crazy. I know I said I’m planning to race a 5K (and I still am…eventually). But after getting a million promotional emails, I started to consider running the Rock ‘N’ Roll Los Angeles Half on October 30th. I enjoyed it last year, so when I received an email with an “alumni” coupon code that was practically cheaper than most 5Ks around here, I couldn’t resist registering. So I’m registered for a half after saying I was training for a 5K and sticking with said 5K instead of being a flake all the time, and… View Post

Hello from the Eastern Iowa Airport! Although you might imagine it as a very dull place to be, it’s actually very happening right now. Evidently every single flight is delayed for random non-weather reasons so here we all are, drinking Chardonnay and writing blog posts like we have nowhere else to be. Oh wait, that’s just me. Naturally my flight is delayed three hours, as it always is when I travel on anything other than JetBlue or Virgin. When I travel I’m very serious about going through security. There’s nothing I hate more than people who don’t pay attention and… View Post